As some of you may have heard, the rawmates have been checked in to a relaxing, juice fasting retreat for the past several days. Yes, it is every bit as glorious as Maydelle makes it out to be in her blog post, “Where in the World are the Rawmates???” – it might even be better.

I was really nervous about taking the whole week off from work, which should have been my first clue that I needed to go on the retreat. To own the truth, I didn’t realize how much I needed the break until I got here. Work is stressful, sure, but even when I’m off the clock I feel like I have so many people pulling at me and wanting my time. It’s a good problem to have, really. But as my roommates can attest, I find ways to complain about it anyway.

Here are some of my personal accomplishments since being at We Care:


1)      Finished A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. He’s one of my favorite authors, yet I still manage to be surprised by how good his books are with every read. Mr. Hornby, it’s a pleasure to be surprised again this week.


2)       Didn’t suck at yoga. Have gone to three classes since being here, and have thankfully avoided the usual teacher-kindly-pointing-out-some-way-I’ve-managed-to-do-the-position-completely-wrong scenario. It tends to happen with anything involving any kind of coordination.


3)      Endured 1 Massage, 1 body wrap/massage, and 1 cranial sacral something-something that basically boils down to a deep tissue massage. Do you hate me yet?


For some of the other guests at the spa, the transition into juice fasting has been very difficult, with intense detox symptoms right out the gate. Luckily, for us raw-vegan folk, the transition hasn’t been that difficult… it’s actually been a little bit of a treat because we don’t have to go grocery shopping or juice or prepare meals that take hours of soaking preparation, etc. We actually had a departure orientation today that was instructing visitors to keep to only fruits and vegetables the first few days out of the retreat. We all looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, because fruits and vegetables is kind of our thing. No big deal.

Anyway, that’s me, and that’s us. We have a few days left of this amazing, incredible gig. I hope to have a few more accomplishments at the end, but even if I don’t, it will have been time well spent.


Thanks for reading. – Jenna

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