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Fitspiration: 10 Aussies Who Are Killing It On Instagram
Becky Lomas (@strongisthenewskinny94)

Becky Lomas's Instagram profile reads "Leading a healthy life with a positive mind," which perfectly sums up her upbeat and motivating account. Filled with quotes on happiness, balance, and strength - plus healthy foodie concoctions that leave us drooling - this fitness blogger's Insta is all smiles.

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From eco-chic supermodels to fun superfoodies, those Aussies know their wellness! There’s something about the Land Down Under we just can’t get enough of lately, and apparently we’re not the only ones. The fitness scene is getting a major boost from Australia’s wellness leaders, and the rest of us are taking note. From high-flying fitspiration to the woman behind Miranda Kerr’s yoga body, here are ten Aussies who are filling our feed with major fitness inspirations!

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