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    First Glance: Win Our Pinterest Contest + Jenni Kayne’s New Holiday Catalogue

    Print catalogues had all but completely fallen off our radar lately until our friends at Jenni Kayne brought the idea back into full focus this fall. We’re obsessed with the new holiday catalogue (get your own here!) and the idea of leafing through the entire collection at home in print seems all too cozy! We love that Jenni’s bringing the catalogue back and hope the idea is catching across the fashion world.

    To celebrate the new collection and everything we love about holiday style, we’re running a very stylish Pinterest contest with Jenni Kayne, designer hat maker Janessa Leoné and our very own Pressed Juicery. Get all the details below and enter one of our coziest contests of the year!

    Our Jenni Kayne Fall x Pressed Juicery Pinterest Contest

    What You'll Win:

    A 3-day Pressed Juicery juice cleanse, a $300 gift card from Jenni Kayne and a beautiful Janessa Leone hat.

    Step 1: Find Us On Pinterest

    Find and follow The Chalkboard Mag, Pressed Juicery, Jenni Kayne and Janessa Leone on Pinterest. Be sure to follow all four brands.

    Step 2: Create A New Board

    Create a new Pinterest board and title it Jenni Kayne x The Chalkboard x Janessa Leone.

    Step 3: Pin Your Heart Out!

    Share what fall wellness means to you, from autumn recipes, natural remedies, to your favorite cold-weather boots, and your autumn wardrobe essentials. You must pin 10 images from our Jenni Kayne x The Chalkboard x Janessa Leone board to be included in the contest.

    Step 4: Submit Your Board + Enter!

    Once you feel your board is complete, all you’ve got to do is let us know! Officially enter the giveaway by entering your email below and leaving a link to your board in the comment section. We’ll announce the winner on November 6, 2015!

    Enter here:


    Giveaway closes November 6th, 2015 at 1PM P.S.T. Open to continental US residents only. Good luck, readers!

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    1. Hi! Check out what fall means to me on pinterest!

      Courtney | 10.26.2015 | Reply
    2. what an amazing giveaway! thanks for all the inspiration-

      Eliza | 10.26.2015 | Reply
    3. Jazmin Whitley | 10.26.2015 | Reply
    4. Jenn Edwards | 10.26.2015 | Reply
    5. Here’s what autumns got me feeling! Thanks for the opportunity’

      Victoria Way | 10.27.2015 | Reply
    6. jill c. | 10.27.2015 | Reply
    7. Shannon Hatch | 10.27.2015 | Reply
    8. Kim | 10.28.2015 | Reply
    9. Dyanna Littke | 10.28.2015 | Reply
    10. Kayla | 10.29.2015 | Reply
    11. mary | 10.29.2015 | Reply
    12. Hannah Smith | 10.29.2015 | Reply
    13. LOVE the fall inspiration board on pinterest! check out mine for healthy fall recipes and other fall ideas!

      lia schimizzi | 10.29.2015 | Reply
    14. I couldn’t be more excited about this giveaway! Here is a collection of autumn inspirations that make me swoon, and what I love to celebrate this time of year. Thank you for inspiring us all to live well an swoon often!

      Jenny Bradley | 10.29.2015 | Reply
    15. So sorry I posted my link as my website, here it is lovelies!

      Jenny Bradley | 10.29.2015 | Reply

      Happy fall! Thank you for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes!

      Colette | 10.30.2015 | Reply
    17. Elisa Mason | 10.30.2015 | Reply
    18. Alanna Goods | 10.30.2015 | Reply
    19. Rebecca | 11.01.2015 | Reply
    20. Kelly | 11.01.2015 | Reply
    21. Marie | 11.02.2015 | Reply
    22. Jesssica Waller | 11.03.2015 | Reply
    23. As one never ready for cold weather I do try to pep talk myself into fall. This contest (and the amazing prizes) is perfect motivation. Pumping out workouts and soothing yoga in the morning keeps me strong and my muscles loose to counter the stiff chill. Delicious seasonal food and juices nourish and provide energy. While cozy, chic clothes and interiors provide warmth and inspiration. But the best way to beat the winter blues? Books, blogs, travel, and planning to move to sunny California!

      Jane | 11.04.2015 | Reply
    24. What is not to love about fall… This contest just makes it oh so clearer. Thank you! X

      Maddison | 11.04.2015 | Reply
    25. Madison | 11.04.2015 | Reply
    26. Erica O'hare | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    27. hallie p | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    28. I LOVE THE FALL! Putting together a board that combines all my inspirations for fall clothes, fall wellness, fall recipes and fall affirmations was seriously so fun! I think I am going to keep pinning on this board just because it brings me so much happiness :). Thanks for introducing me to Jenni Kayne. I am now obsessed everything she does!

      Chelsea | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    29. Love all fall!!! Great hats!

      Cynthia Morales | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    30. I absolutely love Autumn. The fashion, food and fun in the Fall cannot be beat! I put together a few of my favorite things. Enjoy! xx

      Jess Slater | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    31. Cynthia Morales | 11.05.2015 | Reply
    32. Meredith | 11.06.2015 | Reply

      TCM Assistant | 11.06.2015 | Reply
    34. Did you actually look through all the entries or just pick the last one??….

      Annie | 11.07.2015 | Reply

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