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Hello everyone, Dr J here.

Our health is sculpted on a daily basis by the habits we choose. Choosing the right habits – and sticking with them – isn’t always easy. I’ve invited my team member and good friend, John Rosania, to talk about one tool we use at Clean to help people shift their habits quickly.

Here’s John on the Flip:

Ariel’s story

Ariel, a client of mine, works all day and comes home ravenous. When she walks in the door, she reaches for the first sugary food she can find. Most of the time, this a few cookies or some kind of sweet. Then she feels terrible both physically and emotionally and has little desire for a nutritious dinner. She sleeps poorly and feels depressed at work the next day. The cycle continues.

My response: “Next time when you come home and feel that ravenous feeling, I want you to immediately Flip to a green smoothie.”

The Flip is a method of changing your focus. It takes your attention away from unhealthy habits and refocuses them on healthier ones. When cravings arise, we can become so fixated on them that we often don’t see that any other options are available. The Flip re-conditions us to immediately address our cravings with positive substitutes.

“Ariel, I want you to snap your fingers, say out loud ‘Flip to a green smoothie’ and immediately make one. Don’t think about it. Go.”

The Flip arrives ready to use out of the box

Most people have a habit they want to change but haven’t found the right method to get it done. To change a habit, you have to replace it with a new one. When you practice the new habit often enough, you overcome the brain’s natural resistance to change.

Why does the Flip work? Because it clearly defines the trigger and refocuses the attention on the target.

In Ariel’s situation, the trigger is the ravenous feeling she has when she arrives home. When she enters her house, she has many options to deal with that trigger. She tends to choose eating sugary foods that leave her feeling terrible. By applying the Flip she followed my recommendation and picked a new target – the green smoothie

Here are a few other examples of how to use the Flip:

1. You’re craving bread: Flip to quinoa.

2. You’re feeling sluggish after dinner: Flip to a gentle walk.

3. You’re feeling emotional and want to overeat: Flip to 2 glasses of water or a simple breathing exercise. 

One Flip at a time

Our daily habits determine our overall health. The more conscious choices we make each day, the better we feel. The Flip is one simple tool to help you do just that.

So now it’s your turn.  What are you looking to change? What’s your Flip? We’d love to hear from you.

JohnRosania is a writer and wellness coach for the Clean Program. Based in New York City and Los Angeles, he is a frequent speaker on cleansing and lifestyle strategy. John is also an actor and musician. Follow him @JohnRosania

Photo credit: Jenny Nelson

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