Superfood Spotlight: Herbal Jun Enzyme Elixir

We have all heard of kombucha, as it is widely sold in health food stores throughout the country. Kombucha is created through the fermentation process of black tea, sugar and mushrooms. A more rare version of this fermentation process you might not be aware of is called Jun. Jun is a fermented culture that originated in Tibet and is created with green tea and honey. It has a much sweeter taste – without the vinegar taste that kombucha has. Jun culture is trickier to cultivate, as it is very temperature sensitive. Like the cool high altitude of the Himalayan Mountains Jun was created in, it is often difficult to reproduce. Kombucha culture thrives in hot, humid environments and is not a temperamental as Jun.

Herbal Junction – a line of high quality teas, elixirs and tinctures – uses Jun as its ferment. They make an elixir called Love Potion #9, which is infused with herbs such as damiana and gotu kola. The taste is sweet and smooth and does have the similar effervescent effect as kombucha without feeling like a carbonation bomb went off in your system. The ingredients of green tea and honey are healthier ingredients, as well. Honey is certainly a better alternative to sugar, and green tea is much lower in caffeine than black tea. Moreover, the Herbal Junction elixirs give you a boost of energy without the caffeine crash that can be typical with coffee or just plain tea. Fermented beverages are extremely healing and are filled with enzymes that can aid in digestion. Always drink fermented beverages on an empty stomach or an hour after food to ensure optimum benefits.

Herbal Junction elixirs and teas can be purchased on their website or, if you live in the Los Angeles area, they can found at Lifefood Organic in Hollywood or Inn of The 7th Ray in Topanga Canyon.

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