Feng Shui Florals: 9 Flower Arrangements That Have Meaning

In our crazy busy lives, with back-to-back appointments, mind-bending traffic and shoulder-to-shoulder yoga classes, it’s pretty easy to lose our connection to the earth and to our roots. Here at The Chalkboard, when we need a little grounding and centering, we turn to the lovely Lacy Phillips of  Free + Native Journal, a modern holistic guide and forum that aims to keep us balanced on the inside and out. Whether it’s through a healing tonic or an immunity-boosting superfood ice cream, Lacy always has just what we need.

This little insight on feng shui and florals has us doubling down on our plans to hit the farmer’s market this weekend for fresh flowers. Pick those stems accordingly…

In feng shui, flowers hold tremendous amounts of energy by bringing beautiful, healthy growing chi into your space. The deeper and more powerful of a connection you feel to certain flowers translates into lifting more energy. Personally, I choose the color and type of flower to consciously strengthen certain energy and chakras – for colors tend to overlap therapeutically. Let intuition be your guide as to where you place these flower arrangements. You’ll find that most of the time, your intuition will guide them into their proper bagua corners.

Be mindful of the bouquets you create when you find yourself at the flower market next. Customize your bundles or single plants based on the energetic flow and chakra building you are in need of and let intuition guide the rest of your way. A rule of thumb: Display flowers that are fresh and full of life, as dead flowers represent dead chi and can limit the flow of your space, chakras, and metal clarity.

Here is a guide to colors and flowers that strengthen certain energies and chakras:


Soft pinks and yellows help to attract love. Deep reds symbolize restoring a relationship or dormant sex life.


White represents spiritual growth and purity in life, while reds, pinks and blues serve as a fertility symbol. Purple brings career flow and opportunity for success.


Indigo and orange boost talents and abilities and career success/wealth chi. Gold and purple are particularly appropriate when moving into a new home, beginning a new undertaking or at the beginning of the New Year.


 White lifts healing and wisdom.


Red for love, yellow for friendship, white for purity and pink for healing and new love.

Magnolias & Lilies

White magnolias and lilies should be offered to friends and family when they are ill.


 Gold chrysanthemums promote wealth chi.

Flowering Branches

White-blossomed plum, cherry, cotton or peach branches represent overcoming obstacles and promote longevity.

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