We thought we had tried everything in the do-it-yourself non-dairy category – homemade coconut milkhemp milk, even Greek yogurt – but this soothing, deeply nourishing milk from Free + Native is something else altogether. We’re loving this soothing recipe for oat milk from our go-to gal Lacy.. Oats have a profound effect on calming us down in times of stress – combine them with the subtle aroma and cooling power of rose water, and you’ve got a truly sublime sweet treat. Whip up Lacy’s soothing raw rose oat milk, then add to your coffee or tea for a drink that’s truly “ahhh”-inducing…

Oat milk is my favorite alternative to nut & seed milks when I’m feeling incredibly run down and in need of some deep supportive nourishment. They are one of the most nourishing nervines on the planet. Packed with bio-available vitamins and minerals—such as Vitamin B, calcium and magnesium – oats are one of the best remedies for “feeding,” soothing, and strengthening an overstressed & exhausted nervous system. They also make for a true love potion by increasing libido, regulating hormones, nourishing the endocrine system, and moistening the glands. Last but not least, they are wonderful for combating anxiety, stress, constipation, and insomnia.

For a deeper medicinal potion, I love adding Bulgarian rose water for an extra calming, cooling effect that also works as a digestive aid. This also doubles as an incredible face rinse or bath soak (1-3 cups) for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant rich and skin moisturizing benefits.

Free + Native’s Raw Rose-Infused Oat Milk


1 c of gluten free organic oats
4 c of purified water
3 tablespoons of raw local honey, molasses, or sweetener of choice (adjust according to palate)
Bulgarian rose water (add according to palate)

Feel free to add extra support for a deeper medicinal potion, you can also swap out the rose water for:
Ashwagandha to adapt to stress, aid digestion, deepen sleep, and promote happiness
Reishi for ample immunity and stress relief


Soak one cup of oats in purified water overnight. Drain and rinse. Add oats and water to blender and blend on high for 40 seconds. Strain through a nut milk bag into a bowl (I leave a bit of my pulp for extra fiber, but feel free to discard all of it if you don’t connect with the texture). Place milk back into the blender, add honey, and blend for 20 more seconds. Add rose water. Pour into your glass container of choice. 

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