february gift ideas 2019

Valentine’s Day is mostly fluff and frou frou, but it’s also a great excuse to appreciate the most important relationships in our lives.

It’s okay to ‘skip’ Valentine’s Day if it feels too commercial for you, if you’re single and find it triggering, or if it’s just not the date you like to celebrate in your relationship. However, Valentine’s Day is a sweet opportunity to show your affection for friends, lovers, and, you know, your mom and stuff.

It’s also an incredible moment to stop and reflect on your relationship with yourself. Corny as it may sound, there is a grounding that happens when we take the time to reflect on a little self-appreciation. It’s not needles navel-gazing — it’s a chance to mark personal progress and give ourselves a bit of the care we may be subconsciously persuing in our work and relationships.

Our February Shop will help you achieve all of the above. Any relationship (even the one you have with yourself) will be enriched by a simple bit of verbal appreciation or a well-written valentine, but add to that a moment with cookie dough, Foria or fur (all below) and you’ll multiply that effect by infinity.

From a CBD lube we’ve been talking a lot about to an adaptogen mix that’ll boost your mood and your libido, we’ve selected a solid mix of tools to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day every which way. For the single lady who is currently occupied by the best single life has to offer, why not give the weighted blanket craze a try? This one won’t disrupt your bedroom aesthetic.

In a long-distance relationship or haven’t been able to visit your bestie or mother for a while? Check out Enso and thank us later. Bite beauty makes the perfect lip kit for date night or a glam girl’s night out and this chic teapot will set you up for an afternoon of reflection on your own or with a loved one.

We shop you enjoy the February Shop — let us know what you swipe up and what you end up loving!

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