In The Fall Shop: Making Ourselves At Home + A Letter From The Editor

Hello, fall of 2020. Does this means we’re over the hump? We’re not so sure. For all the tumult this year has brought — for purposes great, historical, small and private — we’re sure of very few things: but one of them is that self-care has gone from a ‘weekly moment’ to moment-to-moment.

While the whole notion of shopping seems to have changed, we’re still proud to support the brands and products we think are well worth our dollar. In this year’s fall shop, we’ve packed in a variety of things to wear (more on that soon!) including cozy head-to-toe looks that work as well on the couch as they do for a business meeting (even if those are now the same thing) and little items for the home and our daily routines that bring an instant uplift.

My personal MVPs lately have become an eyelash curler, an over-sized headband, and a long gauzy summer dress like this one from Acacia that might otherwise be worn poolside. Layer that with a cozy, transitional cardigan (this alpaca button-up is just $128) and you’ve got yourself a WFH wardrobe that dreams are made of. While our fashion priorities may be shifting, the little things we do to feel like ourselves and have fun with what we’re wearing at home provide us a little bit of joy. And, right now, a little bit of joy matters a lot.

This fall our eyes, hearts, minds and spirits are on the eyes, heart, mind and spirit of our nation. What path toward progress will we carve out together in this tumultuous time? We hope you are engaged in the important action required of all our generations at this time.

We mark every new season with a new The Shop curation and we wanted to keep that tradition alive. We hope there’s something here that will spark your imagination, bring a sense of freshness and calm to your kitchen, or help support your overall health — whether, physical, mental or emotional. We haven’t stopped moving on the sustainable front and everything here is responsibly made as far as our research will carry us. Also, honestly, the Ziip device and a bit of this Westman Atelier highlighter might carry you further than you think.

Schedule those friendly phone calls, keep educating yourselves, get as much rest as you possibly can, brew some ‘shroomy coffee while you homeschool and stay in touch with us as we serve up advice and insights best we can through an unprecedented season…

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