Joanna Vargas is The queen of radiant skin. Just ask Eva Mendes, Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore or Mindy Kaling how they get their golden glow. Her unique combination of technique, technology and clean ingredients has made her one of the most sought-out estheticians and experts in the beauty industry. Joanna is on a mission to help us glow from coast-to-coast both with famously transformative facials at her signature NYC and LA salons and her namesake skincare collection (personally, we love the sheet masks!). Now, Joanna is debuting a new book, Glow From Within, chock full of insider beauty secrets — including plenty of health tips.

We asked Joanna to share her personal skincare routine below in a new series we’re debuting on the routines of beauty mavens we love. Here’s Joanna…

joanna vargas celebrity skincare specialist facialist

My Skin Philosophy: My focus has been and will always remain on restoring confidence, which is why I preach to people every day that there is no magic solution—anyone can achieve the skin they want by doing the right steps every day.

Favorite Daily Products: My Rejuvenating Serum will always be my favorite. I love the smell! It reminds me of the honeysuckle bushes that were across the street from my house growing up. The simple combination of my favorite oils creates this perfect, soothing blend to make you glow all day. I couldn’t live without it. Some others:

Sara Happ Lip Balm | You can put on the smallest amount and it makes your lips feel instantly healed and hydrated.

MD Solar-Sciences | Probably my favorite sunscreen line, offering both chemical and physical blocks. I love the Mineral Moisture Defense SPF 50, which goes on easily even though it’s a mineral-based sunscreen. It’s also excellent protection for people like me who tend to get melasma on the face easily.

dry brushING| A great drugstore beauty buy. It costs about $10 and you can get it anywhere. Dry brushing is my favorite method of body exfoliation because it is multi-tasking – it’s actually incredible as a cellulite treatment and increases elasticity.

Super Nova Serum | A retinol to help control the oiliness of the skin while gently addressing aging. I use it at night.

my Daily Serum | The green juice for the skin. It has hyaluronic acid and oat grass in it. It helps depuff and is hydrating without being heavy.

Cloud Bar | A face cleansing bar that is soothing, calming and hydrating.

my Exfoliating Mask | A mini facial while you sleep. I encourage my celebrity clients to sleep in my it the night before a red carpet event. It evens out pigment, takes down inflammation and after a good night’s sleep in it, you wake up fresh-faced as if you have just had a facial!

My new book | Glow from Within is about my specific product recommendations and how to find the best ingredients and skincare products for you!

My Daily Skincare Routine:

AM routine: In the morning when I wake up, I wash my face with my Cloud Bar. I dry brush my body before I get in the shower. After my shower pre-makeup, I’ll do my Daily Serum, Rejuvenating Serum, Daily Hydrating Cream, Revitalizing Eye Cream and some sunscreen.

PM routine: For nighttime, I wash my face with my Vitamin C Face Wash. I exfoliate twice a week with my Exfoliating Mask and I do a sheet mask every night. Lately, I’ve been using my Twilight Face Mask with Epidermal Growth Factor. I follow that with my Super Nova Serum, which is my retinol serum.

Why clean beauty matters to me: I worry that people are perpetuating a lot of misconceptions about product safety. But ultimately I look to source organic ingredients wherever I can, while providing people with the best formulas for their skin.

Health habit for beauty I swear by: Eating healthy is obviously good for many things, but if you want glowing skin, it is more important than you think to have a good diet.

I find that the best skin diet is one that involves eating veggies of different colors for every meal and a green juice every day. There is really no substitute and it works on everyone! If I have a client who doesn’t eat salad or drink green juices, I tell them to go to Whole Foods and buy liquid chlorophyll, it tastes like mint, it oxygenates the skin, keeps skin clean, works from the inside out see a huge difference in your skin in a matter of days. I would also strongly suggest avoiding sugar, dairy and wheat. All of those things are hard to digest and lead to breakouts, even in adult skin. Most people don’t realize that skin directly correlates to our digestive system. If we eat something we can’t digest or have trouble digesting, there are consequences!

Beauty treatment/tool I’m obsessed with: My new Twilight Facial, which is a combination of radiofrequency with microneedling. It’s as close to a facelift and skin rejuvenation that I’ve ever seen in my life. I tend to get microneedling done to my face monthly just for skin tightening and pore refining. If you have acne scars, maybe you do three of those treatments a year or a little more. But you do see a result immediately, which is exciting!

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