Meet The Chat: Here’s What To Expect In Our Private Facebook Group

Meet The Chat, our brand new private Facebook Group launching today and here to stay.

There’s, like, a lot to talk about when it comes to navigating the grocery store, picking up on the best in green beauty, finding meaningful tools for dealing with stress, and so on.

We love tackling wellness here with you on the site daily (and in your email box regularly), but wanted to take our relationship to the next level.

The Chat is a new spot to let your healthy freak flag fly. Go ahead and declare your love for rhodiola, explain your lengthy evening meditation routine, or talk to us about that new book you read on manifestation. Do so without appalling your family friends, boring your close ones, or confirming once and for all to your FB haters that you really have lost your noodle in Los Angeles (or New York or Austin, wherever you may be).

We believe in living well on all levels. We can’t wait to hear more from you on how you’re making the living well lifestyle a reality — one sweaty post-HIIT, turmeric-stained step at a time.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the topics we’ll be diving in to below. Pop to The Chat today and take our introductory poll to let us know what you’re hoping to dicuss with our editors and other TCM readers!

FLEXITARIANISM | What nutritional protocols do you relate to the most? We wrote this story on the rise in flexitarians to talk about how we’re eating these days. Do you consider yourself a flexitarian? Or are you full-on keto these days? We’ll be chatting about all kinds of diets, but – more importantly – about good nutrition in general!

the chat by the chalkboard mag girl applying green mask to face

CLEAN BEAUTY | Who’s not looking for a great new mask, cleanser or mascara? The best learning comes from your own community and we want to know the best of what you’ve discovered!
A few years back we ran this story from the boss ladies at Beautycounter on the most common harmful chemicals; the never list. Let’s talk about it!

LOW WASTE LIving |Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to cut way back on waste? You’re not alone. The low-waste lifestyle is picking up pace and looking chicer than ever thanks to brands and business owners with sustainable values. What have you changed and what remains impossible to tackle? What hacks are working best for you? Learn more about sustainable living here.

MIND-BODY wellness | What’s the simplest health tip that changed your life? What techniques do you use to reduce daily stress? We love learning about different kinds of breathwork techniques — an even more so about how they can benefit our health head-to-toe. Sure, you’ve been breathing on your own since day one, but did you know conscious breathing can do everything from balance your hormones to just casually change your life? the chat by the chalkboard mag girl in red shirt drinking cocktail

FITNESS + Recovery | What are your fitness goals? How do you hit them? As you already know, fitness is about more than just dressing up in cute gym clothes and sweating your heart out at the trendiest studio (though you’ll find us doing plenty of that on any given week). Our team recently worked out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson who holds the perspective that people don’t spend enough time with recovery between workouts, and that amping up recovery efforts could be the key to building a more sustainable approach to fitness and to taking your fit-goals to the next level. Discover the science behind fitness and recovery from this Kardashian-shaping trainer here.

Join us and your fellow readers on The Chat starting today. We can’t wait to get the discussions started!

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