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Face yoga has continues to take off in popularity over the past few years, especially after Meghan Markle credited her gorgeous skin to a regular face yoga practice. Recent studies have shown that it can literally take years (approximately 3) off of your face. We decided to bring back this great guide we first ran in 2016; learn more about the benefits here and then give it a try…

Yoga for your face?! Yes, face yoga works just as well at toning and detoxing as it does for the rest of your body! These exercises, rooted in ancient yogic wisdom, come to us from Shrankhla Holecek, founder of Uma Oils and our go-to for all things Ayurveda.

Shrankhla has taught us a thing or two about boosting our mood (and sourcing gorgeous copper goods!) and finding natural ingredients that are high-performance. When she told us about this easy anti-aging routine, we were both intrigued and a bit skeptical that the simple techniques would really work. We’re a few weeks in now and are hooked on the boyfriend-mystifying step three. Try it if you dare!

Face yoga can have a major impact on the elasticity and the tone of your face – giving it that healthy, youthful look. The added bonus is that you can do them practically anywhere – in front of the TV, your desk at work, even the restaurant bathroom when your girlfriend is running late for lunch – the only requirement is clean hands. Make sure to spread the exercises out, taking a few breaths to let your face relax between each one.

The Ultimate Face Yoga Routine

Wake your face up:

Reach back with your tongue as far as it will go and breathe evenly through a few breaths. It will feel a little strange at first – but it’s totally worth it. This action helps your whole body become alert, especially your face muscles, which makes it a good choice to start with.

Crease out fine lines:

Spend some time creasing out fine lines in the face, like the vertical lines between your brows. Use your forefinger and thumb to push your eyebrows away from each other, which is the opposite direction they go when frowning or squinting. I find this works best when using a few drops of face oil with the motion.

Stretch your eyelids:

Eyelids tend to get heavier with age, so a little bit of stretching can help keep them healthy. Look upwards and raise your eyebrows at the same time. Then gently close your eyelids, while still looking up.

Smooth out crow’s feet:

Place your forefinger on the temple and thumb on the top of your cheekbone to gently stretch out crow’s feet. This is another exercise that pairs well with the application of face oils.

Erase laugh lines:

This is a fun one to do in front of the mirror. Suck the insides of your cheeks in, almost like you’re making a fish face. Hold for a few seconds, keeping your eyes wide open. Once your eyes start to water (which shouldn’t hurt!), you may blink and release the pose.

Define your jowls:

Put two fingers to your closed lips to prevent air from escaping, and then fill your cheeks with air so they puff out. Hold for a few seconds then release with a soft exhale. This will raise everything in your face preventing the sagging in that area that comes with age. Another great exercise to firm neck skin is the following: Use the four fingers to massage upwards, starting at the collarbone and ending at the chin. Massage the neck alternatively with each hand using firm upward strokes. Repeat for about 20 quick strokes.

An all-over facelift:

Place the index and middle finger of each hand firmly under the lower lip, and the thumb under the chin. (Your fingertips should be touching and creating a slight V that your chin can rest in). Move each hand up towards the ear with a firm sweeping motion along your cheeks. End with your thumbs on the dip just behind your ear where the jawbone meets the bony part of your skull. Press the point gently but firmly with your thumb, applying even pressure for about 30 seconds. This stimulates the marma point attached to facial muscles and nerves, helping tone skin and fight the appearance of wrinkles. Repeat 5-10 times.

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