L.A.’s newest fitness studio doesn’t have any barbells or treadmills – but you will leave each session glowing, toned and totally hooked. Beloved by the likes of model Karlie Kloss and designer Alexander Wang, FaceGym has a unique approach to its skincare. The brand, which has two outposts in New York and six in the U.K., just opened its first location in LA. and we’re already full-on addicted.

What It Is: “It’s not a facial, it’s a workout” we were warned as we settled into our seat at Face Gym’s West Coast flagship.  Face Gym offers a literal workout for your face. Depending on which “workout” you book, you will experience “high-energy kneading movements and cutting-edge technology to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles in the face.” Face Gym incorporates a range of skin-boosting modalities including shiatsu-like kneading and pinching movements, electric muscle stimulation devices, contouring with gua shua crystal tools, and glow-inducing vitamin-infusions. Face Gym aslo has a line of skincare tools such as training sticks, dermal rollers, mini yoga balls for the face, all shoppable in-store.

Why We Love It: Facials are great, but few incorporate muscle movements, lymphatic drainage, and intense hand techniques that produce instant results — major lifting, toning and glowing. The sessions are broken down into a few segments: to begin, the “trainer” uses tools and hand techniques — like knuckling, face balling, high-speed hand whipping, flicking, and pinching — to stretch out tense facial muscles and loosen every thing up. Next comes the cardio, then sculpting, then cool down. We immediately noticed a dramatic lift, chiseled cheekbones that looked like they had been implanted, and the kind of glow that looks like you’ve never heard of the concept of stress. We went makeup-free all day, and kept it up all weekend; there simply wasn’t a need.

How To Try It: Pricing ranges from $70 for a 30-minute Signature service to $275 for a 75-minute session that pulls out all the stops and could honestly go head-to head with Botox. Face Gym is located in West Hollywood inside the recently-opened eco-friendly luxury spot 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

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