exfoliating Japanese Bath Towel

Exfoliation can be an addictive endeavor. After a long day there’s nothing more satisfying than literally scrubbing it away. While the skin on our faces can be easily overworked if we exfoliate too often, the skin our bodies is far more resilient — and often a bit more neglected. The best product we’ve come across for silky smooth skin isn’t the sexiest in our bathroom, but there simply isn’t anything better than these Japanese bath towels.

We first got the scrubby towel recommendation through our interview with Cameron Diaz a few years back. According to Cam, “this wonder-cloth smoothes and exfoliates your skin better than any washcloth or loofah ever could. A total game-changer, you will never shower without it again.”

Recently we noticed that the Japanese bath towel was one of the highest rated products on MakeupAlley (kind of a big deal!). Almost 500 beauty addicts have given the towel 4.8 out of 5 stars – one of the highest overall ratings on the site.

A textured towel is 3-feet long, so you can do that back rubbing thing that cartoons do and get all those typically tough-to-reach spots. We prefer it all bunched up with a little organic body wash – unfurling it to shape elbows, knees and other hard to scrub body parts. A mainstay in Asian bathing cultures, this towel also opens pores and stimulates blood circulation and collagen production.

The best part of a Japanese bath towel like the ones below is that they are totally reusable — after use, simply wet, lather, rinse and repeat (or throw it into the washing machine and hang it up to dry). In the long run, it’s a bit more sustainable than replenishing your bottle of body scrub each month.

Whether you’re the chillest beauty consumer ever or you need all the things all the time, this cheap and effective Japanese bath towel needs to be part of your self-care toolbox…

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