The gift of good vibes isn’t something you can buy, but crystals and gemstones that lift those vibes are. Whether you’re shopping for a friend who brings their favorite rock to brunch, or for one who’s always frazzled but hasn’t started a personal crystal collection – yet – this guide from professional crystal healer, Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse, will help you pick the perfect crystal for everyone on your list…

It is said that giving is better than receiving, but what that old adage leaves out is just how amazing it feels to give when the person receiving that gift, exclaims, “This is absolutely perfect! I love it.” In that moment, what they are really saying is, “You get me.”

The perfect gift is not the most expensive or indulgent. Quite frankly, it’s often something that is simple, meaningful and personal. This is why crystals are the ideal gift: They come straight from the Earth, they each have a specific meaning, and they can be personalized to match every person on your holiday list.

Need something for the person who has everything? Get them something they may never have enough of – happiness. A sparkly crystal brings light and joy, and having received it from someone special will keep your friend smiling for years to come. Is your hopelessly romantic roommate looking for love?  Gift them a Rose Quartz to help them manifest the person of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for your boss, brother or boyfriend, I’ve got you covered! Think of me as your crystal matchmaker…

For the Cosmic Career Woman: This boss lady knows how to put in work, but does she know how to attract it? Gift her a Citrine Point to place on top of her business card. This will bring abundance and prosperity to her work.   

For the Lunar Lover: Like the tides, this friend is controlled by the moon. She bathes in the nurturing light of the moon’s positive energy. It only makes sense that you should gift her Moonstone, so that she can keep a piece of the moon with her always.

For the Starry-Eyed Artist: This loved one takes their direction from the stars. Inspiration is always just outside for this ambitious artist. This person exudes hope and creativity, and just needs a vessel to guide that imagination from the universe, through the self and onto the page. Assist that artistic process with Tangerine Quartz. It will help to remove creative blocks and ignite an inner fire burning to get onto the canvas.

For the Manifestor: In time, everything comes to this manifesting pro. No one can identify what they want, and visualize a path to that objective like this friend. Help them amplify their manifestation goals with Quartz crystal. Not only will help them in discovering what it is they want, it will program that manifestation and deliver an enhanced version of it into the universe.      

For the Yoga Fiend: This girl spends more time in warrior pose, than she spends in chairs throughout the day. She is a yoga all day and all night kind of person, which is why she could use a little extra energy to maintain her endurance. The Yoga crystal grid kit will join her crystal practice with her yoga practice, while raising energy and promoting balance at the same time.    

For the Barefoot Contessa: A casual chef, this friend is your favorite to visit because she loves to feed you, and you love to eat. Set this bon appetite bond in stone with a Petrified Wood plate. Wine and cheese nights will never be the same now that kitchen creativity has reached a new level with this one of a kind serving plate.

For the Rad Resistor: This fiercely passionate friend is not afraid to speak their mind, or fight for their beliefs. Aid their spiritual journey by helping them to harness their wild energy into something more powerfully direct. Epidote will ground this friend’s boundless heart, and give it the calm it needs to communicate.

For the Rockstar: You couldn’t live without the boisterous energy of this diva. Show her how much you love the light she brings by giving her a rock that’s just as flashy as she is. With its sultry beauty and the unique flash, nothing quiet captures this friend’s presence like Labradorite.    

For the Crystal Cynic: This friend may not believe in the metaphysical abilities of other stones, but the scientific research behind the benefits of Shungite will impress even their studied mind. Give it to them for its free radical reducing properties, and antioxidant promotion.    

For the Wanderluster: This jet setting friend just can’t stay still. For a sense of home no matter where they are, give them this token of light. Selenite will illuminate even their darkest journeys, and make sunny days on the road even brighter.

For the Hopeless Romantic: For the person who views everyone through rose colored glasses, gift them a crystal with a disposition as soft and sweet as their own. Nothing matches this person’s love for love like Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz to direct love out to the universe is the crystal soulmate every hopeless romantic needs.  

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