End of Summer Skincare Treatments

While the temps might stay high for weeks or even months, this time of year brings an end to long holidays and full days at the beach for most of us. With that change in season often comes a full skin check to gauge any skin damage from those blissful, sweaty days outdoors. Issues like dryness, uneven skin tone and an uptick in fine lines can all result from our best summer days.

We asked some of the top dermatologists and facialists in LA to tell us how they help clients address these concerns with their most popular treatments this time of year. Here’s what they told us…

The Most Popular End of Summer Skincare Treatments Across LA

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Facile on Melrose

Name: Dr. Nancy Samolitis, MD, FAAD
Spa/studio: FACILE dermatology + boutique

Most popular end of summer treatment: Brighten Laser
“The Brighten laser is a gentle but effective rejuvenating laser that is safe for all skin types and has an easy recovery. It reduces signs of sun damage like brown spots, fine lines, and dull texture by remodeling the skin cells. A series of treatments in the fall is the perfect way to clean up summer skin.”

Name: Nina Sedighi, PA-C
Spa/studio: SkinSpirit Beverly Hills

Most popular end of summer treatment: Microneedling

“With many patients returning from their summer travels, a common request amongst patients is a treatment to smooth the skin and even out complexion. Microneedling with or without PRP is the perfect option. I use the SkinPen device, which creates micro-channels, visibly transforming skin by stimulating its natural collagen. What’s great about it is the SkinPen does not use heat or chemicals and there’s no extended downtime. It’s also safe for all skin types. Many of my patients are also wanting to start prepping their skin for the holidays. I recommend Botox 1 month before an event and facial fillers at least 1-2 months prior, to allow for any potential touch ups/fine tuning.”

Joanna Vargas west hollywood locationJoanna Vargas at the Sunset Tower

Name: Joanna Vargas
Spa/studio: Joanna Vargas Salons
Most popular end of summer treatment: Triple Crown Facial and EMSCULPT Neo Luxe

“My Triple Crown Facial will re-define your features from the first treatment. Microcurrent is absolutely wonderful for lifting and toning the skin long term. I use electricity to drain out excess water, tighten the muscle and tighten the skin to make the jaw and cheeks look tight, lifted and youthful. By the end of your treatment your jawline will be more defined, your cheekbones more pronounced and you will have younger looking and refreshed eyes. It’s also my favorite treatment to give to anyone before a big day like a wedding or red carpet.

I love the EMSCULPT Neo Luxe because it takes the results of the original EMSCULPT and turns it up a notch. You get all the muscle toning plus some amazing fat reduction to keep you inspired to keep your self-care at the top of your to-do list!”

Name: Chanel Jenae
Spa/Studio: The ARCONA Studio in Beverly Hills

Most popular end of summer treatment: Organic Fruit Enzyme Peel
“Summer and the elements can really wreak havoc on the skin, such as sun damage, irritation, dryness, and congestion. We recommend our Organic Fruit Enzyme Peel for both the face and body, which is completely customized. It’s the ultimate treatment for skin resurfacing and barrier restoration. It brightens, hydrates, and provides smooth and glowing skin using purifying fruit enzymes, antioxidants, and skin brightening acids. Skin replenishing fatty acids, ceramides, growth factors and oxygen reverse the appearance of damaged and devitalized skin revealing a radiant and beautifully balanced base.”

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