Sometimes The holidays leave us feeling heavier than ever — and we don’t mean from cookies and cake. All that fam-time can bring major emotional baggage to the surface — even stuff we’d sworn we dealt with or grew out of — but this simple ritual from Energy Muse will help lighten the load and keep spirits bright and soaring…

With as much as you need to get done during the holidays, you can’t afford to be slowed down by emotional baggage. Lighten your load by learning to let go with this crystal ritual.

It’s not always obvious that we have something that we need to release. It’s clear when something is toxic or causes us to have negative feelings that we need to let go, but what about the things that are simply not who we are anymore? In order to keep your energy fresh, you need to release stagnant energy from your past.

In this ritual, you will engage in the physical release of items that no longer serve your present, so that you can make room for things that do. This will prepare your spirit for doing the same with emotional energy. Through releasing what no longer serves you and giving it to someone that it can serve better, you tap into the true essence of what the season of giving is all about.

To clarify, this isn’t about cleansing your closet or room of things that you don’t like anymore. While that can be a therapeutic practice, this ritual is about deciphering if something is a part of your past or your present. Things that are a part of your present are those that — no matter when you got them — are still relevant in your life. You still use these things, or look to them to infuse yourself with joy. If you find something in the process of this ritual that you like, but never look at or think about, that is likely a part of your past. Getting rid of it can make space for something else that you will more actively enjoy.A Crystal Ritual for Emotional BaggageWhat you’ll need: 5 pieces of black tourmaline

What To Do: Go to your bedroom closet and place five pieces of black tourmaline in a circle. Five is the energy of change, which we will embrace through this ritual. Black tourmaline is symbolic of letting go and releasing what longer serves you.

Go through your closet and your bedroom, and collect five items that don’t contribute to your present energy. These can be clothes that you like, but never wear, or trinket that you’ve held onto even though you’ve lost that special connection with them. The bottom line of this ritual is, you want to find five things that aren’t who you are anymore, and get rid of them. Make space for something radiant to come in.

What To Expect: Again, this is not like picking something up and asking if it brings you happiness. These are things that you still like, but just don’t feel like the person you are today. When you give something that represents a part of your past to someone else, you are releasing it into their energy field. Being able to do this physical act of release, preps you for emotional releases on a deeper level.

The circle that you create with black tourmaline represents that there is no beginning and no end to the cycle of energy that comes in and out of your life. Even when you give something away, it will continue its journey with someone new. And even though we no longer have that thing, we will continue our journey and welcome new energy into our life. Embracing this cycle keeps fresh energy circulating so that our life always feels vibrant, and never stuck.

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