The Green Beauty Breakdown: Try Vanessa Kirby’s Look From the Emmy’s

If you watched Netflix’s The Crown, you know just how mesmerizing Vanessa Kirby (who plays Princess Margaret) can be on screen.

We were impressed last night to see Kirby walk the Emmy’s red carpet as a best supporting actress nominee, knowing that she was rocking an almost entirely natural beauty look.

Thanks to professional makeup artists like Katey Denno, who gave Vanessa this banging look last night, natural beauty is making huge strides forward. Better formulations are launching month by month and, slowly but surely, natural products are reaching ‘red carpet’ status quality.

To prove it, one look at this look and the breakdown below are really all that’s needed. If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate more non-toxic makeup into your routine, here’s your chance…

The occasion: Vanessa Kirby, nominee at the 2018 Emmy Awards

The breakdown:

Prep the skin Katey prepped skin with True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist + Renew Pure Radiance Oil. “She’d just arrived from London an hour before I got there, and you know how drying airplane air is.”

On the skin Katey applied 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation (a new foundation launching sept 25th!) on top of their primer made for the perfect glowy red carpet skin. “I use a brush and then a beautyblender to apply”.

On her eyes “I used a blend of shadows from Aether Beauty and Crop Natural for subtle sparkly definition, followed by her signature black feline flick liner and a bunch of black mascara on well curled lashes, with a few fakes nuzzled in. Lashes to the sky! (That’s my motto)”

On cheeks “On the apple of her cheeks I used my finger to press in the powder blush ‘Longitude Zero’ from Kosas Cosmetics and then fanned a neutral taupe down beneath her cheekbone (although you can’t see it here).”

On brows “On those amazing brows I used some dark brown powder to create the shape and then brushed them in place and set them using 100% Pure’s dark brown brow gel. The shape of her left one looks a little weird in this angle, but don’t you know I basically use a protractor to make sure they’re symmetrical and looking perfect head on.

For highlight “On the high planes of her face I pressed ILIA Beauty’s ‘cosmic dancer’ highlighter for a little extra light catching glow.

On the lips “Finding the perfect nude for her lips had me going through about 20 shades. I love the one I chose: 100% Pure’s lipstick called ‘Mojave’ on well hydrated lips.

On her body “A mix of glow-giving lotions from prtty peaushun and Vita Liberata and 8 Faces Beauty. I love this blend of make up!”

On her nails: Custom manicure by 7-free polish creator, Deborah Lippmann.

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