edible gift guide

What good is a gift if you can’t eat it? There are plenty of non-digestable gems in The December Shop – but we digress. There is no joy like opening a new jar of coconut butter, or whisking that first scoop of matcha, which is exactly why edible gifts are always a good idea

From Mexican chocolate to the ultimate matcha brewing set, we’ve got gifts that are as delicious as they are useful. You may have noticed that we’re obsessed with adding medicinal mushrooms to our coffee and any wellness lover on your list will love Four Sigma Foods’ Instant Reishi packs. For the smoothie savant, Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir is the ultimate luxury. And Sun Potion’s insanely delicious tocos powder makes a simple, but luxe and useful gift.

We’re huge fans of the affordable and durable NutriBullet, a Pressed Juicery gift card never disappoints, and a chic set of glass straws will elevate anyone’s sipping experience to eco-superstar level. Check out all our picks here below and over in The Shop

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