In & Out In NYC with Natalia Rose

it’s the ever-present question of city living, “should we eat in or eat out?”  Either choice comes with its challenges for those of us making an effort to eat healthfully – especially if, like this month’s Guest Editor, you’re living in New York City! No matter where in the world you live, eating in means a whole lot of shopping, prepping, cooking and storing. And eating out means navigating menus, finding healthful choices and trying not to cause a stir!

When it comes to the ever-pressing culinary question of ‘in or out’, we wanted to know: how does one of our healthiest raw role models do it? Natalia Rose is sharing her favorite tips for making either choice a bit easier, from the best items to stash in your purse to the perfect dressing to make at home. Whether you live across town or across the country, there is something useful here for everyone.
As for take-out – eating out while in – you’re on your own!

If you’re Staying In…

toss it up:

Celebrate salad as a main course! You can add just about anything into a large bowl of greens and have a really enjoyable meal.

Trust yourself to make inspired raw salads without using recipes!

in the pantry:

Instead of waiting til the last minute to gather your ingredients, keep all of your favorite pantry staples stocked up at all times.

What are your favorite seasonings, spices and sauces? Keep these ingredients at the ready and get to cooking! If you’re always stocked up on dry goods, you can keep the focus on really high-quality produce as you need it.

the perfect dressing:

Learn what constitutes a good dressing. Always include an acid, a sweet and a fat to balance the palate.

Also, learn when not to dress your food: don’t over-season and keep things simple!

if you’re Eating Out…

Stealthy Swaps:

Avoid restaurant oils: ask for everything clean steamed and add your own things to it. Carry an extra lemon for dressing – and dark chocolate in your bag!

Tips at the table:

Make eye contact and be  kind and honest with your waiter about what you are looking for. Don’t be pressured into eating anything you genuinely don’t want to – your body, your choice.

Order a double order of salad or ask for a steamed veggie plate – even if it’s not on the menu, most restaurants can quickly make you one.

Fave NYC Spots:

Gemma, for the great vibe, Amaranth & Orsay for the Orsay Salad!

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We're thrilled to welcome Raw Food Detox Diet author and New York nutritionist Natalia Rose as our July Guest Editor! Read one of our sweetest, most summeriest letters ever...

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