Quick Recipe for busy weeknights

Simplicity is bliss. Especially in the context of weeknight dinners. But keeping things simple and healthy requires a little planning – when life gets busy, dinner prep is often the first thing to take a hit.

We took to Instagram and asked our followers to tell us their go-to meals on busy weeknights. The interesting ideas we got back are just the kind of little tips we love to hear from our community — bonus points for a little honest humor reminding us we’re not alone in the battle of takeout temptation!

Take a few notes, share your own go-to’s in the comments below and send this along to that friend whose Postmates addiction needs a wellnessy nudge…

Chopped zucchini quickly cooked in a pan w/ avocado oil, a scoop of Rao’s marinara and some ground grass-fed beef, topped with basil and a sprinkle of parm. SO satisfying and doesn’t get as watery as zoodles!Salmon and broccoli.Eggs and sausage. Or a big omelette. Breakfast for dinner! Easy and the ultimate comfort food!Veggie tacos with guac!Salad greens with tomato and cucumber. I cook up some Beyond Meat ‘chicken’ until it’s browned and crunchy. I cut it up, put it on the salad then drizzle olive oil and balsamic on it. The best dinner.Cereal and red wine.Moroccan Kefta (seasoned ground beef patties) and greens.When I have no time and need fast comfort meal-Angel hair with frozen broccoli. So fast and still feels like splurging.Breakfast for dinner! Aka fried eggs and avocado toasts.

Pasta Primavera — Toss veggies (zucchini, squash, tomato, red pepper, red onion, garlic) in EVOO and sea salt, roast on a sheet pan with parchment paper (425 for 25 min or desired doneness). Toss with cooked linguine, add more EVOO and salt and pepper as needed and fresh-grated Parmesan. So so good, cheap and easy. Leftovers just as good cold IMO.@backyardbowls 😍Stir fry!Cali-rice with veggies and canned tuna fishRoasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower or cabbage. Everything pops in the oven and cooks itself!@drpraegers veggie burger salad bowl… takes a whopping 5 min to throw together and is delish!

Sautéed onion, bell pepper and garlic. Add a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, a can of beans (I use black or kidney). Serve over a bed of spinach, top with a fried egg.Mango bowls! Fresh mango + black beans + coconut quinoa/rice + cilantro + coconut chips + spinachBreakfast salad! Warm tomatoes and mushrooms in olive oil. Add to organic greens, olives, vineyard, season….Add two eggs over easy and smash the yolks!!!

Roasted veggies, sautéed spinach with coconut oil and canned sockeye salmon.Uber Eats.

Breakfast for dinner! Fluffy scrambled egg,
some slices of 🥑
sauerkraut and some mixed greens flash sautéed with a squeeze of lemon juice 😋

Japanese sweet potato baked in oven. topped with fried egg, a pinch of sea salt/pepper, & sautéed kale. Delicious.Super Green Smoothie, when I can’t think about cooking or chewing.

Grilled chicken, brown rice and roasted broccoli with Parmesan cheese!Turmeric gluten-free mac n cheese!

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