Okay. this recipe is intended for children, but…there’s frosting. So, when we say “from the mouths of babes,” we’re not joking around. Make sure those babies get fed, but we consider this a recipe the whole family will love. 

 Juli Novotny Goddard of Pure Mamas and the brand new BasilHealth, knows how to create simple, clean eats recipes that always catch our eye. She whipped up these particular little bars for the toddler under her roof, but they were so delicious and so loaded with nutrition, they quickly became a fave of the whole family. Whole gluten-free grains, superfood hemp seeds and fresh fruit make these nutritious and the wholesome vegan cream cheese makes them totally adorable! Here’s Juli…

I made these bars without hemp seeds originally and then added the seeds the second time around for the perfect good texture (and some bonus points for added plant protein.)

I wanted these bars to be as simple as possible – like just making fruit and oats for the little ones, but that you can hold in your hand. I found the butter necessary to avoid that creepy “fat-free pastry” texture (dense and rubbery,) but you’re also welcome to whip these up without, just reduce the oats by ½ cup.

Enjoy – and try and save some for your toddler! – that was the original purpose of making these, remember?

Gluten-Free Frosted Oat Bars RECIPE
Yields 12 bars


Wet ingredients:
1 apple, core removed, chopped
1 large super ripe banana, peeled
1 tsp cinnamon
⅓ cup vegan butter, room temp – I used Melt Organic brand

Dry ingredients:
3 ½ cups gluten free oats
½ cup hemp seeds
½ cup coconut sugar
½ tsp sea salt

For the maple cream cheese:
½ container of regular or vegan cream cheese spread – I used Kite Hill almond cream cheese
2 Tbsp maple syrup


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a high speed blender, place all wet ingredients except for the butter, and blend on high until all the way mixed into a thick liquid or smoothie.

Set aside.

In a mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients.

Using your hands or a wooden spoon, add the butter and mix and mix until everything is combined really well.

Add the wet liquid and keep on mixing.

Grease an 8”x 10” baking dish using coconut oil or spray or vegan butter.

Pour entire oatmeal mixture into the dish and spread evenly with a spatula or the same wooden spoon.

Bake for about 25 minutes or until edges are a golden brown.

Serve alone or topped with maple cream cheese

For maple cream cheese:

Blend ingredients with a spoon. Spread away. Or dip.

Feel free to add frozen wild blueberries, dried shredded coconut, nuts or dried fruit. Have fun and get creative.

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