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When it comes to downsizing and detoxing our living space, eco-lifestyle expert, Ashlee Piper of The Little Foxes is our go-to gal. We teamed up with Ashlee last summer for the ever-relevant Closet Detox series and our readers loved it. So, in honor of Earth Month which starts today (yes, it’s an entire month, people!), we’re collaborating again for thirty days of earth-friendly challenges that could make even the least leafy among us develop an eco-conscience.

We’re hopping right in below with challenges for today and the rest of the weekend! We’ve made each challenge bite-sized and accessible. Make it your goal to join in daily, but if that seems like too much for you, don’t drop out – find at least one way a week to show some love to Mama Earth.

Check in with us each Monday in April as we reveal a week’s worth of daily challenges and make it your goal to hit as many as you can. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, your stories, and your own personal takes on making these tips come to life. When it comes to daily detoxification and downsizing our planetary impact, we believe it’s the little things we do that build into a sustainable impact…

Friday, April 1st: Drive Less; Move More
Now that the weather isn’t so frosty in most of the country, this is an easier (and more enjoyable) tip to follow… Think on this: The U.S. has 1,000 times more cars per person than any other country in the world, transportation accounts for 30% of all global warming emissions and 66% of Americans are overweight or obese (as compared to 37% in other countries). Notice a pattern? Our reliance on transportation has made us unhealthy – and it takes a toll on the planet. Try dusting off your bike or renting one from a bike share, taking a good old fashioned walk or jog (see if your local animal shelter will let you take one of their pups for a trot; it’ll make both of you happy), or using public transit to go longer distances.

How did you get moving today?

Saturday, April 2nd: Unplug and Reconnect
Since actual Earth Day (April 22nd) starts around the kickoff of Passover, why not get a jump on making a “technology Shabbat” a habit all month long? No matter your spiritual ilk, starting at sundown, commit to a solid day of no tech usage. This means computers, phones, tablets, televisions, and other tech staples are powered down and put away (tell loved ones a way to reach you in case of an emergency). Come together by telling stories, playing board games, cooking or another group activity that involves honest-to-goodness interaction without people spacing out in front of a screen. If you’re solo, read a book, write in a journal, garden, create something wonderful. A solid 24 hours sans social media, constant texts and emails, and winky emojis may feel impossible at first, but the soothing benefits of this practice will make you want to do this every week.

What did you learn from this practice?

Sunday, April 3rd: Kick Back and Get Educated
If your Sunday funday consists of a little couch time, make it count by watching some of the fantastic eco- and animal-awareness documentaries available. The True Cost, Forks Over Knives, Wasteland, Plastic Paradise, Gasland, and Earthlings are all eye- and mind-opening flicks.

Have any other recommendations that changed the way you viewed your relationship to the environment or animals?

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