A good ceramic mug isn’t just a place to put your coffee — it’s a work of art and a slice of life, birthed by Mother Nature and raised by an artist with a vision.

Self-taught ceramicist Elizabeth Di Prinzio is fascinated by the way we as humans interact with the natural world. Her ceramics brand Earth + Element is a way of exploring that connection through pottery. The materials Elizabeth’s pieces are made with come right from the earth. The designs come right from her heart.

earth and element shelf of colorful ceramics We first stumbled upon Earth and Element through Canyon Coffee and fell in love. We asked the LA-based artist to share more about her creative process. From allowing herself to be humbled by the simple beauty of nature to the local spots she visits for a breath of inspiration, get to know Elizabeth in our In The Studio interview…

To get the creative juices flowing, I...

Throw the clay on the wheel and let the clay do what it’s going to do.

Daily necessities:

Breathing. Loving. Coffee breaks. Sunsets.

Favorite current project:

Our Silverlake Holiday Shop in collaboration with Bayou With Love.

Favorite object in the studio:

A little heart shaped leaf I found on the ground.

Current inspiration:

Foliage and flowers.

Favorite soundtrack in the studio:

A Star Is Born is on repeat right now (so many tears).

Most common visitor to the studio:

Papacito, my 11-year-old grumpy but very cute Yorkie.

Favorite spot in the neighborhood:

I’m at the top of the Topanga outlook three times a week watching the sun pass across the ocean and thanking God to have made it another day with the ones I love.

Creatives inspiring me right now:

Nikki Reed’s sustainable jewelry, Joe Perri’s photography and one of my ceramic idols, Edith Heath.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm...

In the kitchen pretending I’m a professional food stylist. I love to cook and host for friends.

My current creative obsession:

Pressing flowers into clay.

Favorite gallery or museum in the city:

The Getty Villa off the PCH and the Huntington Library in Pasadena.

Currently reading:

How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan.

Organizational item I can't live without:

My canvas tool pouch that hangs in my studio with all my little gadgets neatly displayed.

My aesthetic in three words:

Simple. Rustic. Tangible.

Current mantra:

My life mantra: Less work, more life.

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