Are Ear Piercings Draining Your Energy?

Look — cute But edgy, adventurous ear piercings are a trend we’ve embraced. Though the practice of decorative ear piercing has been around for centuries, is it as harmless as it seems?

Acupuncture pro, Mona Dan, showed us the fascinating technique of ear seeding — a variant of acupuncture where small gold “seeds” are pressed into specific energetic points on the ear. Ear seeding got us thinking — if seeding triggered such powerful results, what did all our decorative ear piercings mean?

As Mona shares below, piercings can have an energetic impact, but there are simple ways to stay safe. Send to your stylishly pierced best friend…

The most important factor to consider with anything, whether it’s piercing, dieting, exercising or even sleeping, is to know who you are and what your body type is. Some people are naturally weaker and fatigued while others are more robust and energetic. Some bodies can handle extra stimulation while others need a much more gentle approach. Keeping this in mind, there are a few things to consider when choosing piercings from a Chinese medicine perspective.

Piercings have been around for thousands of years, and they’ve been done culturally for many reasons. For example, the stretched lobe (as seen on buddhas) is thought to spiritually expand the third eye and spiritual consciousness. What’s interesting about this lobe area of the ear is the relationship it has with the head area, but more specifically, the piercing is done right on the on the eye point. A lot of people have this area pierced whether it’s used as just a small regular piercing or a stretched lobe. Additionally, many people may have visual impairments requiring contact lenses or glasses.

In Chinese medicine, we believe when areas of the ear are pierced it can be draining for the body, as the area is constantly stimulated. This can cause a few things to happen: scar tissue build-up, which impairs blood flow and the earring hole, which is completely draining. The good news? Using gold and silver as an earring can preserve your energy. Sometimes using crystals, like amethyst with the gold or rose quartz, can help calm the energy in the area, too.

One common point that is popular to pierce is the Daith ear piercing, said to help treat migraines. Some who suffer swear by the piercing, but again, may be dealing as an excessive body type with heightened energy — they need the relief, but over time it will be draining for the area. If piercing the ears is desired as a remedy, the best treatment would be ear seeds (like our 24k gold ear seeds) or acupuncture to treat the root cause of the issue. This assists with proper blood flow in the body to relieve the pressure build-up that causes migraines in the first place.

There are also some piercers who have been permanently piercing acupuncture points for stress relief, digestion, insomnia and more. They’ve made it a niche part of their practice to use the different acupuncture points to give constant stimulation in the areas. But it’s important to not forget that depending on your body type and who you are results will vary.

With patients that have weaker immune systems, autoimmune issues, digestive issues, chronic pain or genetic markers, stimulation to any area for too long can be draining and will weaken energy. It is best for these people to work on pain or illness with ear seeds or acupuncture. If you already have your ears pierced and are doing fine, then go ahead and enjoy the aesthetics of it all. However, if you’re dealing with complications from an autoimmune disorder, or anything compromising your health, remove the piercings and see how you feel.

The key is understanding that everyone is different, there is no one size fits all, or one single cure. Doing something permanent should have a well thought-out plan and a good understanding of your body.

Alternatives like gold ear seeds (magnets coated in 24k gold) last about five to seven days and look very cool. They assist with many ailments from migraines, to digestion, to energy and insomnia. And if you want to take it a step further, weekly acupuncture sessions to treat the root problem is even better.

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