Our Genius 8-Step Routine For Dry Skin Recovery

We’re sharing our journey to Big Bear in the mountains outside LA today. We recently traveled to the charming lakeside destination for the first time without realizing how incredibly dry the elevated locale would be, and how desperately we’d need some dry skin recovery.

Dry winter weather can hit us hard if we’re not prepared — which we weren’t. Here are the fail-proof dry skin recovery essentials we would have packed if only we knew just how dry the air would be…

One Love Organics CleanserOne Love Organics B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover | In a dry winter climate skin is bound to get flaky. The beauty of an oil cleanser like this one is that it will soak up those dead skin cells and rinse them away. Just be sure to follow with powerful moisture. CHECK OUT
jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream | A nourishing scrub like this one from Jurlique will help skin retain moisture, boost circulation and help remove the inevitable dead skin cells created by a crazy dry climate. CHECK OUT
pai Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic  | Skin dry as the desert just after cleansing? Before you moisture, rehydrate skin with this tonic mist. You’ll lock in all that moisture with your serum and cream. CHECK OUT

osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum | Layering moisturizing products is key in extremely dry weather. Hyaluronic acid has finally gained the superstar skincare status it deserves this year. Our favorite is this serum by Osea which will help your skin retain moisture and absorb it better from your products. CHECK OUT

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask | You know that feeling when you’re desperately thirsty and you finally get your hands on that first glass of water? That’s how it feels to lay this moisturising sheet mask on after a dry day outside. CHECK OUT
summer fridays Overtime mask | Perhaps the most important thing you can do while in a dry location is to sleep in a moisturising mask. We love Summer Fridays’ version, as well as the soothing sleep mask by Nyakio. Both will drench your skin in a healing layer of moisture at night while you sleep. Our winter travel VIP. CHECK OUT
kosas tinted face oil Foundation | Make your products to double duty. If you plan on wearing makeup, choose oil-based products that will keep skin dewy. Kosas’ tinted face oil is still a new product but has reached cult status in our community in short time. CHECK OUT
Wildling Empress gau sha | Bringing a gau sha stone with you on a trip may seem a little extra, but trust us when we say that the somewhat embarrassing skincare routine can be done discreetly and is totally worth it. Working your skin with a gau sha routine will boost circulation and keep skin receptive to absorb those rich moisturizers. CHECK OUT
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