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Hormone whisperer Dr. Sara Gottfried radiates with the kind of enthusiasm we wish all doctors could have about age and natural healing. A veritable expert on the endocrine system and natural hormone management, Dr. Sara has been dishing out tips on TCM for years, both as a Guest Editor and regular contributorAs a Harvard-educated medical pro and best-selling author ofThe Hormone CureThe Hormone Reset Diet and Younger, Dr. Sara is leading the charge on the topic of women’s hormone issues – something most of us know so little about, but are impacted by daily – and we love her for it.

Dr. Sara’s approach emphasizes the importance of small but sustainable lifestyle changes to heal hormonal imbalance and symptoms of rapid aging — all without the use of anti-depressants or birth control to help regulate hormones.

Below we’re sharing Dr. Sara Gottfried’s best tips for aging well. Think this is a topic for older women only? Hormonal imbalance can affect us at every age and on every level, from energy and weight regulation to our emotional well being. Learning to regulate hormones and get back to balance is essential for good health, and if Dr. Sara has taught us anything it’s that it can be fun too…

Medium shot of Dr. Sara Gottfried on blurred background

Hormone Management is a Lifestyle | From collagen in her smoothies to essential oil hydrosols, “chi” running to forgiveness mantras, we’re loving everything Dr. Sara Gottfried has to say about her daily rituals. If you haven’t spent much time learning about your hormones, start now. It’s an easy-to-neglect area of knowledge that will blow your mind once you start learning. LEARN MORE

Balancing Hormones isn’t Boring
 | We’d like to think that hormones aren’t something we have to deal with until late in life, but our bodies are constantly changing and if we learn to read between the (fine) lines early, growing up can be graceful — and actually kind of fun. Dr. Sara’s tips include mixing up a sangria made with antioxidant-rich fruit and biodynamic wine. LEARN MORE

Know Your Hormones; Hack Your Metabolism |
From her book The Hormone Reset Diet, Dr. Sara outlines each of the twelve metabolic hormones, how they function, and which aspects of our health they affect.LEARN MORE

‘Skinny’ Genes Are A Thing |
  Skinny genes that are responsible for how well our metabolism works throughout our lives. Learning how to turn these weight-regulating hormones on and off. LEARN MORE

Aging Well Is About Emotional Wellness
| Getting intentional about emotional wellness is key to living longer, looking younger and feeling our absolute best. Discover a few fun ways to amp up emotional wellness, and find out why it’s important that we do. Grab a girlfriend, take a diaphragmatic breath and let’s get to work. LEARN MORE

Use Tools to Slow Rapid Aging |
The difference between aging and aging well comes down to knowing what our bodies need — and then having a little fun with it! Dive into Dr. Sara’s picks for the coolest tools to age with ease, from a high-tech meditation headband to a sauna date night. LEARN MORE

Do Your Research About Hormones |
This major topic is not familiar to most of us, but don’t get overwhelmed – get to researching instead. Hormonal balance isn’t just about sex, Prozac and birth control aren’t the only solutions to help regulate hormones, and feeling sluggish isn’t some unavoidable consequence of getting older. Dr. Sara dismantles the major myths of hormonal health. LEARN MORE

Our Vagus Nerve Needs Attention
| Get to know your vagus nerve, baby. We’ve all got one and learning to keep it “toned” has a few surprising health benefits. LEARN MORE

Get Your Hormones Tested |
According to Dr. Sara, “The Day I Maxed Out” came when she sat in my primary care doctor’s office, with 25 pounds of extra baby weight, low sex drive and a chaotic headspace. Instead of taking his advice to start antidepressants and birth control pills, exercise more and eat less, she left his office and checked my hormones. Her cortisol, the stress hormone, was three times normal. She had estrogen overload and a sluggish thyroid. It took a few weeks to fix the hormonal imbalance naturally, but it also jump-started her journey as the hormone whisperer.  LEARN MORE

Don’t Wait To Make Changes |
Dr. Sara’s latest book Younger dives into the science behind the hormonal shifts we all experience over time and offers practical health tips for women of all ages. Learning to manage hormone imbalance is an ongoing wellness mission, and the sooner it starts the better. LEARN MORE

Discover more tips for understanding hormones and managing hormonal imbalance here.

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