When you look around your kitchen, what are you inspired to eat? To cook? Building a clean-eating family is all about creating a clean-eating home. How you stock and arrange your family’s environment frames up their food habits – so set your family up for success by creating a home environment that inspires health.

Dr. Junger of the Clean Program and the Clean Team have created their first cookbook, Clean Eats, that lets us know exactly how to eat for clean living, but here, Dr. Junger breaks down just how to make those food choices a simpler reality. We know the doctor and his family live that clean-eating life – we run into them at the farmer’s market all the time! Take a few of his own tips and tricks to heart and then get down to some clean eating: Clean Eats is filled with recipes from the Clean Team and a slew of other famously clean eaters such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Oz, and Kris Carr . Our own Pressed Juicery co-founder, Carly Brien, even contributed a recipe for crazy-delicious Turmeric Almond Milk (stay tuned for more this summer in JUICE!)

Place fruits and veggies where they can be seen

Studies have shown that keeping your fruits and veggies on the counter or easily accessible in the fridge increases how much and how often they are eaten. Given that we get the majority of our antioxidants and phytonutrients from these plant foods, this little life change can produce big results. 

Use your blender

My favorite blender is the Vitamix blender. You can give your digestive system a rest by using a blender to make a nutrient-dense shake for breakfast. Shakes are a great way to get in healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water in one easy-to-digest meal. I like to add a handful of greens, berries, almond milk and avocado to my shakes.

Cook More

New research has shown two important ideas about how we eat: our food choices become less healthy throughout the day, and eating out significantly decreases the quality of our diet. A simple response to both of these is to cook more clean food. It’s not necessary to cook every meal at home to improve your health. Even a few meals a week cooked at home can support a clean lifestyle, especially if they are at dinner time.

Make clean eating work for you

Elaborate recipes are great for special occasions, but they are not ideal for someone who is busy and not as experienced in the kitchen. Clean eating doesn’t have to be hard. You just need three or four go-to-meals that you can recreate daily. Make your gluten-free grains in bulk so that you can add them to meals throughout the week. Dressings are easy to make in big batches as well. My kids and I make simple and fun meals out of a few ingredients. Our favorite is the “Avocumber Roll” which I’ve included in my new book Clean Eats. They are sushi-like rolls made out of a hollowed-out cucumber and avocado. Cut them into sushi pieces and dress them with salt, lemon, Bragg’s aminos, and any other spices. For more recipes check out our cleaneats site here

There is power in community

Spending time with your friends and family can make you happier and healthier. When you cook with your loved ones, you save money and make healthier choices. My family and I cook our meals together. I even get my kids involved. Turn the electronics off and indulge in the people around you. 

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