Insights with Celebrity Skincare Guru Dr. Alkaitis

Very few skin care lines claim to be so pure that you can actually eat all of the products. Dr. Alkaitis holistic organic skin food is one of those rare brands, meant to feed the skin with ingredients that are completely edible.  Dr. Alkaitis’ comes from an extensive background in plant studies, including work with, count ’em, four Nobel Prize winners. Since creating his namesake brand, his products have become a cult obsession with many models and celebrities for whom reliable skin care is an absolute essential.  We happen to know some of the best modelling agencies in the world recommend the line to soothe the overworked skin of their clients.  Here Dr. Alkaitis shares some of his thoughts and insights on skin care with us and we’re more than thrilled to share them with you.

TCM: What inspired the creation of the Dr. Alkaitis brand?
DA: “Over the years, my wife would bring home a variety of personal care products from numerous sources, including health food stores, and ask my opinion about them. After looking at the ingredient label, invariably my response was, ‘I wouldn’t put that on my skin.’ Having had more than a passing scientific and sociological interest in skin, our most social of organs, one day I said, ‘I will make you products for which your skin will be eternally thankful.’ After five years of effort, the core products of my line were born.”

TCM: People really respond to your skin care. What product do customers get most enthusiastic about?
DA: “I think most of them have one or two favorites. We know which ones sell the most, the Purifying Facial Cleanser and the Facial Creams, and coming up strongly is the Nourishing Treatment Oil.”

TCM: Dr Alkaitis brand uses many wild-crafted ingredients. What does wild-crafted really mean?
DA: “Wild-crafted plants are those harvested from unpolluted, virgin wilderness areas that constitute their native habitat. The ethical part applies to the manner of harvesting. The plants are harvested in a sustainable manner and only those at their peak potency are considered. Sustainability means that there are always enough plants left behind in the wild so that the maintenance of a healthy population is never in doubt.”

TCM: Dr. Alkaitis products are ‘edible’. Why is that? Are other beauty products ‘inedible’?
DA: “The simple answer is that whatever is put on your skin is absorbed into your body, it is ‘eaten’. So if one is interested in maintaining a healthy skin and health, then they should follow this simple guideline: ‘If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.’ According to this straightforward guideline, the vast majority of beauty products on the market are ‘inedible’.”

TCM: What does your unique scientific background bring to the Dr. Alkaitis brand?
DA: “My approach to the making of my products is a synergy between our modern scientific approach (a PhD in Physical Chemistry) and the holistic approach (in depth study of living plants and their interactions with other living organisms, such as humans). The most profound results are achieved when technology is adapted to intimately fit into nature – to complement and serve life, not to change or supplant it.”

TCM: Your scientific background includes studies in enthopharmacology. Can you tell us more about this fascinating field?
DA: “Ethnopharmacology is the study of how indigenous people worldwide use[d] plants in their traditional medical practice.”

TCM: What does Dr. Alkaitis take into account that most other beauty brands do not?
DA: “I really did not start out with the purpose of making ‘organic’ skin care products. My aim was to make skin care products that promote and support a healthy skin in a holistic manner, products that anyone’s skin would be absolutely thrilled to interact with and visibly express its satisfaction. These products are designed to simultaneously help bring the skin to homeostasis, a state unique to each individual, and to help maintain it.

Your skin is a living organ. Our bodies evolved interacting with complex living food. Living food is necessary for the promotion and maintenance of optimum health.
  Your skin is also a two way street; it absorbs materials as well as excretes them. Just about anything that is put on your skin will be absorbed and therefore go into your body. This leads to the second of my foundational guidelines in formulating my products: ‘If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.’

This approach necessitates that I use the healthiest ingredients available. These are certified bio-dynamically and organically grown materials and ethically wild-crafted materials sourced from virgin wilderness area and harvested in a sustainable manner. These materials will possess the maximum therapeutic potential. These are then processed in a manner which preserves their ‘personalities’.  Nothing is taken out of its biological or living context. Throughout the whole process, temperatures are kept below body temperature in order to preserve enzymatic activity.

Being consistent in this approach to formulating and manufacturing the products that I make in this manner makes them ‘holistic organic skin food’ and ‘therapeutic raw health food for the skin’. In today’s marketplace, a multitude of marketing approaches are being employed to satisfy the public’s growing desire for ‘greenness’. One can narrow down one’s choices by looking at the quality of ingredients, but ultimately the critical factor will always be: ‘How does my skin respond? How happy is my skin with this product?’.  If I am to get results, I must 
use the healthiest of ingredients available, which are certified biodynamic and/or certified organic and my processing must preserve their therapeutic potential (health giving properties).”

TCM: Beyond skin care products, what advice would you give people wanting to improve the health of their skin?

DA: “Your skin is the mirror to your digestive tract, so for a healthy skin it is essential that the digestive tract is cleaned up. This requires the establishment and maintenance of a healthy mix of microorganisms (probiotics). That can only be accomplished by eating healthy living food (organic whole foods) and living a healthy lifestyle. In spite of what may be promised, there are no shortcuts.”

TCM: Many people with sensitive skin love your skin care. What are other things that people with sensitive skin can do to protect themselves?
DA: “Sensitive skin is a skin condition. Usually there is a past history as to why their skin became sensitive. Typically this includes the use of any combination of topical antibiotics, harsh chemicals in skin care products, at some point having taken an acne medication, extreme exposure to extreme weather, medication and/or food allergies. What they can do is use products such as ours that are completely organic and soothing. Sensitive skin should not be aggravated – especially not with exfoliators, or any aggressive treatments such as microdermabrasion. They can wear a wide brimmed hat in place of a sunscreen. Sunscreens usually contain chemicals that could further cause sensitivity. The key is to nourish and soothe the skin and to build it back up with nutrition, internal and external. I don’t want to sound like a broken record – but again, a diet rich in vegetables actually will tone the skin’s texture and build up cellular protection.”

TCM: If you could advise readers of just a few things to avoid that will improve their skin, what would they be?
DA: “Eat only whole living organic foods. Stay away from soy. Use only virgin cold pressed organic oils – coconut, olive and sesame oils. I have consulted hundreds of women over the years and brainstormed skin issues from acne to hormones to all different kinds of skin aliments and challenges relating to them. Every single time someone is at their wits end – I’ve proposed this: stop using everything for 3-4 days and only eat organic vegetables. No fruit, no wheat, no refined foods. Just raw and or steamed vegetables morning, noon and night or three organic vegetable juices a day.

This has drastically improved every single person’s skin with in one-week’s time. After this period has passed, I recommend they re-examine the ingredients in their make-up and skin care. Investigate these ingredients. Make sure they don’t contain silicone, the number one pore clogging ingredient out there and in almost everything. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol intake, refined sugar, any drink in a can and coffee.”

Dr. Alkaitis is offering one lucky reader a generously stocked Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit with 8 travel-sized products.  Simply leave us your comments below on your favorite insight from the interview and we’ll select the winner!

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  1. This article is very inspiring! So thankful to have a person like Dr. Alkaitis. I will start using his products right now.

    Zeno | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  2. I really appreciate the idea that your skin interacts with whatever you put on it instead of simply reacting.

    Debra B | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  3. I’m entering into a new phase of my life that has forced me to examine what I put into and onto my body. This article has further solidified my thoughts that what you put on your skin effects much more than the skin itself…it also affects your body internally. I’m excited to purchase some of these products to get on a track to beautiful skin.

    Melise | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  4. I love the idea of eating only whole foods, organic foods. And I love the purity of the ingredients used in
    Dr Alkaitis’ skin care products.

    Julie Muldowney | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  5. I have recently started using Dr. Alkaitis’ Soothing Gel in replacement of a moisturizer I was using. I have been having serious breakouts all over my face since about January. I tried prescription cream and acne face wash and all it did was cause my skin to become dehyrated, scaly and break out even more. I went and got a facial and the woman who owns the spa suggested I try the Soothing Gel. I LOVE this product. I can’t rave about it enough. It feels so good going on and has helped with my acne and skin condition on a whole.
    The most interesting thing I learned from this interview is the idea of what I eat affecting my skin health. This is something I must try out!

    Hannah | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  6. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Alkitis. The skincare line is feels wonderful and I feel my skin is better than ever. I was always careful about putting pure foods in my body and was frustrated that it was difficult to find truly pure and active products for my skin…..not anymore!!

    Susan LeClair | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  7. I find his comment to stay away from soy interesting. He seems to mean all soy, although I wonder if this means only refined soy products such as soy protein isolate. As a vegan, I eat a fair amount of tofu, tempeh, and edamame!

    Kathy | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  8. Wanted to share my personal testimony with using Dr. Alkaitis products for seven plus years! Being a licensed Aesthetician, I’ve seen many skin transformations after one Dr. A facial, from clients having dull skin, to the skin looking instantly healthier, more subtle, and glowing.
    I adore the ENTIRE skin care line, but have three personal favorites…The cleanser, day cream, and eye cream!
    Thank You Dr. Alkaitis For Making The Best Organic Skin Care Products, In The World!

    Lisa Lianna | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  9. I’ve been eating an organic plant-based diet for a year now (1 year anniversary will be on Memorial day!) but I haven’t really switched over my skin products yet. But reading “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” literally made a light bulb go on in my head – that makes so much sense! Why didn’t that resonate with me before?! This article has totally changed my perspective on it and now that I’m ready to switch things up I’d love to start with the Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit! Fingers crossed!

    Tanya C. | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  10. I appreciate the note that “your skin is the mirror to your digestive tract.” It is so important to eat whole, real food. I know now that when I am compelled to eat that bag of chips (i.e. processed food), the effect goes beyond just cheating on “your diet,” but it also affects your digestion, your skin and your overall well being.

  11. I did not know anything about wild-crafted ingredients until reading this piece. My favorite insight was regarding the creation of Dr. Alkaitis products, where the temperature is kept below body temperature to preserve enzymatic activity. It makes complete sense that just like a diet rich in raw foods is good internally I would want to use facial products that offer that to my skin.

    Corinne | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  12. The fact that Dr. Alkaitis said “I really did not start out with the purpose of making ‘organic’ skin care products” means he was truly interested in creating high quality products that work – he wasn’t interested in a new fad or playing off creative marketing and branding. He puts quality and integrity first which is so important when dealing with your skin and body.

    Rachel | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  13. i gotta try the veggie recalibrating. my skin would probably thank me for it.

    Lisa | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  14. Two months ago I moved to Tokyo from Spain and since I am really concerned about radiation I started to research more about health. Since then I follow TCM and read the articles daily in crowded trains. Even if eating outside is cheaper than buying in the supermarket in Japan, I really hesitate to stop cooking my own meals so I dont mind spending good amount of money in veggies. Of course, as good spanish woman, i cook with extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to my way of cooking the acne of my couple has totally dissapeared so I agree with Doctor. Please moderate the use of salt or soy and find alternative ways such as lemon or spices to seasoning your meals! Thank you very much for this great site.

    Patricia | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  15. I love that the products are edible. With skin being the largest organ of the body, it is so important to be aware of what ingredients you are putting on your skin. Anything you put on your skin really does get absorbed by the body, so if you don’t want it on the inside, don’t put it on the outside. It really gives new meaning to “you are what you eat”!

    Donna F. | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  16. My favorite insight from the interview is “Your skin is the mirror to your digestive tract, so for a healthy skin it is essential that the digestive tract is cleaned up.” I have digestive issues such as acid reflux and gallstones. I have personally seen the correlation between digestion and my skin. My skin always looks better and has more of a glow when my digestion is functioning at its best!

    Adele | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  17. I love Dr. Alkaitis products! I can’t live without the Herbal Toner and Eye Cream. Amazing! I am a holistic health coach and am very aware of the significance of nutrition on skin. It’s so nice to find something belly worthy to put on the skin as well! So grateful!

    allison | 05.24.2012 | Reply
  18. I’m loving Dr.Alkaitis skincare! Totally agreed in achieving healthy skin by feeding internally and externally with raw & organic nutritions . Thank you for providing ‘insider review’ and educating the ‘ignorant & blinded’ masses. Well done!

    Mimi | 05.25.2012 | Reply
  19. Thanks for this article. I appreciate Dr. Alkaitis sharing he extensive knowledge in such an easy to understand manner. Much of what he speaks of here I know, thanks to lots of reading about health, however, I didn’t know the reasons for sensitive skin. I adore the wholehearted intention and all the love that goes into his work, it shows, not only in the products, but on the faces of thousands of women and men! Thanks for being you and doing what you do Dr. Alkaitis.

    Esther | 05.25.2012 | Reply
  20. “The most profound results are achieved when technology is adapted to intimately fit into nature – to complement and serve life, not to change or supplant it.”

    Everything Dr. Alkaitis spoke about in this interview was very informative and inspirational but this insight struck me the most and made me pause and think before I continued reading the interview. It reminds me of fevers, how you’re suppose to let a fever happen because it’s your body fighting the fever and if you suppress it with meds the fever would just come back but worse and confused. It makes so much sense to flow with nature and our bodies the best we can instead of fighting against it. A lot of medications, products and ways of life these days seem to go against nature and obviously it isn’t working. We’re depleting our resources and weakening the amazing workings of our bodies so much. It’s sad that so many people are not informed or just don’t care!

    It’s great that Dr. Alkaitis made this line for his wife which means he truly made it with the greatest intention of using the highest quality and effective ingredients because who wouldn’t want the best for the person they love dearly right? Thank you for sharing and knowledge and products with the rest of us 🙂

    Christine Phu | 05.25.2012 | Reply
  21. Great article. I’d never heard about his skincare line before so thank you to The Chalkboard for introducing me to it. Do we know where it’s available in town to buy?? Looking forward to trying it myself.

    Troy Williams | 05.25.2012 | Reply
  22. This post is so informative. I really love Dr. Alkaitis’s skincare line and his philosophy concerning eating and skincare products. He is so inspiring! Thank you!!

    Rebecca | 05.26.2012 | Reply
  23. I love these products. As a younger person I didn’t think much about skin care – or diet, exercise or other health regimens for that matter. But as I have aged I have been forced to incorporate good health practices into my life. I have been looking for a way to keep my somewhat sensitive skin healthy for several years. So glad I have found it!

    Julie Marshall | 05.27.2012 | Reply
  24. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVELY COMMENTS, READERS! CONGRATULATIONS TO TANYA C. ~ YOU’RE THE WINNER OF OUR GIVEAWAY! We know you’ll love this travel kit – these products are as amazing as they sound. For more information on where to purchase Dr. Alkaitis for those of you who’ve asked, please refer to their website. They are sold at a few reputable spas and shops in So. California.

    The Chalkboard | 05.29.2012 | Reply
  25. Thank you so much! This just totally made my day! 🙂

    Tanya C. | 05.29.2012 | Reply
  26. I LOVE these products that are so pure you can eat them!!! Some of my clients want only pure products and Alkaitis products are the ones I recommend as the BEST!!!

    Janet Nodine | 08.07.2012 | Reply
  27. Thanks for this great interview. Its perfect for introducing people to Dr Alkaitis products. As far as i am concerned they are the BEST!!!!! i have been using them for just over a year and my skin is AMAZING!! And i have spent thousands of dollars over the years searching from something that my skin agreed with, and was at my wits end when i came across these products. Many people have commented on my skin and i have ultra sensitive skin from having a father as an allopathic doctor who pumped me full of antibiotics from day 1!! i am 52 and dont look it now!!!!! the difference is amazing. From my extensive experience there is nothing on the market that compares!! THANK YOU Dr Alkaitis, THANK YOU. With much love and gratitude, Kay

  28. Whatever you put on your skin is ‘eaten!’ Bon appetit! Thanks for your good sound Baltic wisdom.

    Aciu Labai | 08.09.2012 | Reply
  29. Wow, these sound like great products! I have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin and have used another product for many years. I am looking forward to trying Dr. Alkaitis’ products–it makes sense that your skin “eats” the products! Thansk so much!

    Judy G. | 08.29.2012 | Reply
  30. I’ve slowly been going organic – especially with my skin care – selecting only skin care products that are natural and nourishing But I keep resisting my food intake changes. thank you for driving the point home that the solution to my acne is just as much inside me as it is the products I let my skin drink.

    Erin | 10.11.2012 | Reply
  31. I found his information on stopping everything product and food wise and just eating vegetables for 3-4 days or a week interesting. I have been at a loss on what to do with my adult acne, been to the top derms, bought the expensive products and nothing has worked. I am convinced that a clean diet will be the solution. I like the fact that his products are clean too. They are not filled with the toxic chemicals or cancer causing agents. I would be very interested in reading a book on health written by him. I also would love to try his products too!! Select me please.

    lacey | 01.11.2013 | Reply
  32. You are truly blessed for making these products dr alkaitis,you are every lady “skin” bestfriend. Your products are amazing and fabulous. Its healthy,promotes youthful appearance, moisturize the skin etc i am so impressed with the fact that you carefully planned the method of production for your produts and every other intricate details you put in place ,you truly care for customers,i cant wait for my savings to be complete to order for your products,may God bless you,your team and zour company.tyou and

    Jemima | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  33. I have been a Loyal Dr.A product user for over 10 years. I have tried all his products over the years and each and every one of them is fantastic! :o) -JS

    Jenn | 02.28.2013 | Reply
  34. “If you could advise readers of just a few things to avoid that will improve their skin, what would they be?” Doctor, the final question of the interview, followed by your answer was both stunning and enlightening at the same time. Recently I had the good fortune of obtaining 11 of your products along with the sample kit in addition to acquiring several of the 11 products times 2. But to address your answer pertaining to eating only raw or steamed vegetable and/or drinking 3 bottles of vegetable juice for 3-4 days in a row as your sole diet was revolutionary and evolutionary in my estimation. My skin was oily my entire life until I was put on a regimen of daily accutane for a year by my dermatologist from 12-2011 until 12-2012. My skin is no longer oily and it looks better as well. However, despite reading tons of info on the isotretinoin (accutane), I’m not certain on what skin type I have now. To make a long story short and to not appear as though I’m rambling, I tried the diet recommended by you doctor 4 days ago and I must give you praise after praise for the information as I haven’t felt this good since I was a hatha yoga enthusiast and strict vegetarian in the 70’s (I am currently a 62 yr. old male). I feel strong, fit, alert, calm and even my breathing is clearer and cleaner. I have also started as suggested by you a regimen of the herbal toner, eye cream, day and night cream, soothing gel and the excellent Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. Doctor even though I’m taking the products and plan to continue doing it for years to come now, I need to know if I’m taking them properly for “dehydrated mature skin” since it was oily before the accutane. I also intend to give away a lot of my products to some family and friends that I know can benefit. Currently I’m spending lots of time on the internet checking for information on your products. I would like to know from you or some representative of your wonderful company as much as I can about how to take the products in the proper manner to best benefit my skin type. I suppose you can say it’s is normal or dry now? Anyway, the vegetable diet is one of the best pieces of information I’ve ever received regarding my health and this is coming from someone that takes pride in the fact that I think I’ve done a good job in regards to my health over the years. In conclusion, THANKS AGAIN DOCTOR! Also, Thank You as well, TheChalkBoardMag.:)

    John L. Jones | 03.23.2013 | Reply
  35. I think the best advice he gave was also the simplest: eat your veggies! Start at the root of the problem and it begins with what you put into your body. I love it. I can always do better at adding more veggies to my diet and I’m happy to. Thanks for the reminder!


    Chrissy | 05.01.2013 | Reply
  36. I need these products asap!!!!!!

    AshleyM | 05.09.2013 | Reply
  37. Why do you need to avoid coffee? Is it because of the caffeine? What about organic swiss processed decaf? I have no problem eating raw/organic but my weakness is coffee! 🙂 Just wondering if one cup a day is bad for adult acne…


    Natalie Johnston | 06.11.2013 | Reply
  38. Loved this information. As a 29 year flight attendant for a major US airline, we share a lot of information. Our environment….access to healthy food, etc has its own unique challenges. I would love this travel kit to take with me, and share with my colleagues around the globe. Thank you for all the common sense, helpful information.

    Wendy | 08.20.2013 | Reply
  39. Dr. Alkaitis, I was searching for information on probiotics and found your website and interview. I find your comments quite profound and am sharing the main points with my 32-year old daughter: about only using skin products that can be eaten, to use only coconut, olive and sesame oils, never allow silicone on my skin, and to eat healthy to nourish my skin. Thank you so much. I hope to try your products.

    Debbie | 09.05.2013 | Reply
  40. I would like to know what organization certifies the ingredients that are claimed to be certified organic. Always there is a certifying body like USDA and logo on the packaging of a product to show the consumer that the ingredients are indeed certified organic as claimed.

    nepenthe | 09.27.2013 | Reply
  41. Dr Alkaitis you really have me thinking know about injectables micro abrasions your product sounds amazing pure organic and real I would love to try your product as I’m a bit scepticle about having poison toxins injected into my skin even though I was thinking about it . I suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 14 years off my life which totally played with my immune system know I’m well touch wood healthy diet no alcohol I don’t smoke but my skin has lost its elasticity not badly but I notice the eye area has lost a lot off its collagen tried all so stupid creams would love to try your product I’m 49 years off age and I must say thank goodness god has been good to me I don’t suffer any skin conditions my eye area is my give away as I said I was thinking off other procedures but know I’ve heard off you I would much try these all chemical free fondest regards melanie Sunners

    Sunners | 06.02.2014 | Reply
  42. I enjoyed the hearing Dr Alkaitis’s holistic approach to skin care both regarding the products and the individuals role in attaining clear and healthy skin. I understand the importance of taking care of your skin from the inside and it is refreshing to hear that Alkaitis products stem from this. I also appreciated the mention of the importance of digestive health and the direct correlation to skin health.

    Steph Kojec | 07.24.2014 | Reply

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