Wreaths for Valentine’s Day? Absolutely. We love a good wreath workshop (see our holiday ‘shop here), but have attended our fair share and thought it was time to for a twist.

We’re in love with these triangle wreaths that make a simple, minimal, modern way to celebrate anything and everything winter into spring. Inspiration comes from the darn’dest places and we dreamed up these triangles after coming across CB2’s copper towel holder as seen above! From there, we riffed on natural materials with florist Sophie Ballmer of Sibyl Sophia.

Sophie foraged branches that she wired into these simple frames and then paired with the trimmings from this floral inspiration board DIY, but the options for florals are as wide-ranging as you can imagine. Will they be the new design trend that surplants the macrame wall hanging? Hm, maybe not, but we’re looking forward to see how different design folks re-mix this!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we say grab a glass of rosé and make a flower wreath (with twigs or this sexy copper triangle) to gift your love, your bestie or your v talented self…


How To Make A Triangle Wreath


3 sticks or a hanging metal triangle
28 gauge craft wire (gold)
wire cutters
floral clippers
flowers + greenery: spray roses, sweet pea, wax flower, bougainvillea, spirea, kumquat, jasmine vine


To build the frame:
Trim sticks to equal lengths. Cut three 30″ pieces wire. Take two sticks and cross them, one inch from the end. Leaving a 1” wire tail, wrap the wire four times, vertically, around the center of the crossing point. Continue wrapping the wire, four times, horizontally, around the same crossing point, creating an x with the wires.

Next, wrap the wire, four times, around each stick individually. When you have finished, cut the wire so 1” remains, twist the two wire tails together to secure the connection.

Repeat the above step on all three corners. Make sure that all three of the connection points are one inch from the end of the sticks and that all three corners are secured at the same angle; this will help the triangle hang level on the wall.

To add the flowers:
Cut one 24″ piece of wire. Lay the triangle frame in front of you. Wrap the wire four times around the stick where you intend to start connecting the flowers.

Take two or three flowers and a few pieces of greenery, lay them out on the stick and arrange them in an order you like.

Once you have chosen your design, carefully start wrapping the wire around the flowers and greenery to secure them to the stick.

Once you get to the end, wrap the remaining wire tightly around the stick and poke the final inch under a wrapped piece of wire to secure it.

Hang your beautiful floral wreath on the wall by setting the top corner over a nail.

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