Detox Your Coffee Cup

Yes, we do recommend you make the switch to health-enhancing green tea.  Go one further and switch straight to calming chamomile!   We’re all for increasing your antioxidant intake and lowering your LDL.   But when the inevitable after-dinner espresso is served or that early morning coffee shop meet-up is unavoidable, the scent of freshly ground coffee can be quite alluring.  Here are our best tips for making the caffeinated indulgence as wholesome as possible!

Espresso vs. Drip

Strange as it may seem, espresso actually has less caffeine than brewed coffee. Dark roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts, as well. The longer coffee grounds stay in contact with water, the more caffeine is absorbed. Skip the cup of joe and go straight for an Americano instead!

Go Halfsies

Next time you order that cappuccino, make it half-caff.  The barista will throw in one decaf espresso shot and one regular.  You’ll get the flavor you’re craving with half of the caffeine.

Swiss-Process Decaffeination

When you do order decaf, look for a roast that has undergone the Swiss process, which is all natural, rather than the conventional method in which caffeine is stripped from the bean by chemical solvents!


Forget adding processed syrup or caramel sauce to your next latte. Instead, try honey!  Honey is nature’s raw and superior alternative to  the caramel macchiato. Drizzle as much as you’d like into your coffee knowing that you’re adding valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well.


That innocent little cinnamon shaker most coffee houses keep on hand is more powerful than it may seem.  Just a sprinkle of the stuff can regulate and help minimize the spike your blood sugar gets from coffee and sugar!  Cinnamon has also been shown to improve cognitive function, lower cholesterol and is full of fiber and minerals!


Slip a few of these green packets in your bag for on-the-go and stash a dropper bottle of it in your pantry.  Stevia is a sweet-as-can be sugar alternative that’s absolutely natural and can potentially lower your blood sugar levels!  A surprisingly beneficial side effect for a sweetener to be sure, unless you are diabetic – in which case you should use caution.

Almond Milk

Forgo the half-and-half and go with nut milk.  Not only is it packed with vitamins and minerals, almond milk is the most delicious coffee creamer you’ll ever try.  With dates and vanilla blended in, Pressed Juicery’s Almond Milk is the perfect bottle to stock the fridge with for that morning cup.

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