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The only constant is change, which is why using the same products for your skin all year long no matter how it’s behaving actually makes no sense at all.

Depending on changes with your mood, stress levels, and the weather, your skin can require different levels of TLC at different times. Have you checked in with your skin lately?

The Detox Market’s own clean skincare line, Detox Mode, is asking us to go deeper with our self-care regimens. In the same way that your emotions constantly fluctuate, your skin has feelings too.

Meet The Detox Mode Cleansing Capsule

The Cleansing Capsule is a new thoughtfully-crafted line meant to support your skin as it evolves and changes. Whether you’re the rigorous double-cleansing type or the one who barely gets up to take their makeup off before bed, each cleanser serves different purposes depending on your mood — and the mood of your skin.

The Cleansing Capsule includes three cleansers — foam, jelly, and cream. Each one is crafted with ‘Supreme Botanical Potions’ that are designed to protect, refresh, and hydrate your skin depending on its needs.

RENEWING FOAMING CLEANSER | Actives-Focused / Refreshing A year of wearing masks and breathing in our own breath over and over again has our skin feeling pretty congested. This foaming cleanser uses polishing pineapple fruit extract, cypress oil, and juniper oil that’ll make your skin *tongue pop* while a powerful-yet-soothing blend of calming calendula, elderflower, evening primrose, dandelion, and milk thistle keeps the skin calm.

Use: If the sky (and your skin) are looking a little smoggy, dull, and congested.

NOURISHING JELLY CLEANSER | Vitamin-Focused / Replenishing For when your skin feels like the L.A. River when there’s no water in it. This jelly cleanser is jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients like rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, and ylang ylang. Filled to the brim with nourishing essential fatty acids and other calming ingredients, the Nourishing Jelly Cleanser gets rid of any gross buildup that is making your face look like it’s been through an aging filter.

Use: If your skin is feeling super dry, dehydrated, or drained from too much blue light (and emotional duress).

ADORING CREAM CLEANSER | Calming-Focused / Recovering Add “skincare” to your Love Languages. This cream cleanser is for all the sensitive skin honeys out there, who need a little something extra when it comes to treating moody skin. Rose water, camellia seed oil, and neroli bring a collagen-boosting effect for a soft, supple complexion. Did somebody say “snatched?!”

Use: If you have super sensitive, reactive skin that is in the middle of a flare and just needs to calm the F down.

If we’ve learned anything about skincare over the last year, it’s that the effect of stress on our skin is real. Having a few skincare solutions you can trust to evolve alongside life’s ups and downs is essential to keeping skin vibrant through it all!

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