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    Detox Diary: 3 Days In Simi Valley

    Yet another Pressed Juicery lover here in LA tried her hand at the “lots and lots of liquid” Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanse and is sharing her thoughts with us.  That’s something we love about the cleanse: there is always another juice to tickle our taste buds and keep our mouths and minds busy while the cleanse does it’s job. Here’s Jessica

    • Jessica C. of Simi Valley, CA
      Pressed Juicery Cleanse 2: 3 days

    • Why Are You Cleansing?

      Healthy start to the new year and new way of eating and training for a half marathon

    • Detox Day 1:

      HIGH POINT:  Juices taste great!

      LOW POINT: Lots and lots of liquid

    • Detox Day 2:

      HIGH POINT: Feeling clean and good already, did a light hike

      LOW POINT: Getting hungry… when I did, I would just make some detox tea to hold me over until my next juice

    • Detox Day 3:

      HIGH POINT: Feeling really good about all my self-control and dedication to the cleanse; Pilates class in the morning

      LOW POINT: Getting hungry again and not very much energy, but almost done!

    • Final Results:

      I followed the pre-cleanse diet and after-cleanse diet, which I feel was very important and helpful! I look at what I eat every day now differently and eating less in general, as well. I was really a healthy eater to begin with, but you don’t realize there is always more we can do to be even healthier. I feel awesome and I want to continue to feel this way. I will do juices here and there to replace meals and I lost 5 lbs, which I haven't  put back on yet. It's been almost two weeks!

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