Detox Diaries: 3 Day Cleanse with Kate in LA

Take a page from our book. No really – we want you to write in our diary! Detox Diaries are our features of reader’s detox experiences. As we like to say, everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. These Diaries are a great way for readers to share and to learn all the insights and advice from those who are on any kind of cleanse. Whether it’s the Pressed Juicery 5-Day Cleanse or any other detox out there: 3 days of raw food, an Ayurvedic cleanse, a heavy metal detox – what ever kind of cleanse you’re on, we want to know how it goes! Share your story with us and check out the pages in our diary so far.

Detox Diary: Kate from Los Angeles
Pressed Juicery: 3 Days

Add your own voice to the choir and send us your own Detox Diary: email us at hello@thechalkboardmag.com to be sent our Detox Diary form!

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