Even the healthiest of wellness goddesses need to press the “reset” button on their bods from time to time. Our guest editor, Kim Barnouin of Skinny Bitch, is no exception – with her busy work schedule, family obligations and love of the occasional cupcake, a three-day cleanse by Pressed Juicery was just what she needed to remind herself of the healthy habits that make her feel fab day in and day out. Lucky for us, she documented every step of the journey in the way only she can do: no-frills, no-fuss, and no-nonsense! Read Kim’s diary and, if you’re just learning about the Skinny Bitch brand (or are already fans, as we are), check out our Limited Edition Skinny Bitch Cleanse available until the end of the month! Here’s Kim…

The Cleanse: The Pressed Juicery juice cleanse for three days! Such a yummy selection of fresh juices to choose from.

Day 1: It’s Day 1 of my cleanse! I usually have hot tea in the morning, so this is a jolt to my morning routine…but I think I can handle it.

What I’m Drinking: I’m starting with Citrus 4: cucumber, lemon, pineapple, coconut, filtered water and aloe vera. It’s such a fresh, tasty treat – I’m loving it. A couple hours later I’m flipping hungry, so I reach for a Roots 1 with tons of great greens and sweetened with beet and carrot. I have to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a cleanse, so my body has had plenty of time to get addicted to comfort food and sweets. Those darn sweets. I keep looking at the cupcakes I made yesterday and I may be drooling, not sure.  For “lunch” I have the Vanilla Almond Milk. Yeah, I know, I think it’s supposed to be my dinner…but I might chew on my arm if I don’t get something a little more filling. It’s a satisfying drink, totally yummy and thankfully it does fill me up! I’m trying to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

How I’m feeling:  I’m feeling good for the most part, just a tiny headache because I’m a wuss and I’m used to eating more by this time of the day. I workout as usual, a little bit cranky since I don’t have my usual food in me, but hey, I get through it. Next I go for the Greens 2 – love the apple and lemon with the mix of greens! I feel hungry, but the juices are pretty good at filling me up. I’m dreading dinner time with the family, so I decide to clean the kitchen as I watch them eat spaghetti and marinara sauce. My fave. It’s ok, I just scrub away with my sponge like a mad woman and have another one of those vanilla almond drinks.

Day 2: I woke up this morning and realized that my growling stomach was what made me wake up. Mayday, Mayday! I give myself a pep talk. Ok, Kim. You’re still in the cleanse. You can totally do this for two more days.

What I’m Drinking: I need something warm to drink, so I down some hot water with lemon before I go for the Greens 6, which is a great concoction of spinach, cilantro, honeydew, kiwi and lemongrass. It’s filling and the perfect amount of sweetness (which sure helps with my sour attitude). I’m a little drained of energy, so I decide my workout can piss off. I know the cleanse is doing great things for my body and all, but it’s hard for me mentally. Despite a little headache and low energy, however, I feel good. For lunch I have the Vanilla Almond because it fills me up the best, and let’s get real: it’s just so darn yummy.

How I’m feeling: I was wondering if anyone would give me a compliment on my glowing skin or something, but maybe they were too busy watching me drool over their food to notice. Note to self: do not go out in public around food when on a cleanse. I want to spice things up a bit, so I drink a Citrus 1 with lemon, cayenne and filtered water. Holy-moly it’s good. Great combination of flavors. Dinner is the toughest time of the day for me – it’s when I’m the hungriest and just kind of over being on a cleanse – but I persevere and hide in my bedroom with my chocolate almond drink while my family eats real food downstairs. That’s fine; my intestines are getting a good cleaning right now and theirs aren’t. Before I go to bed I drink a nightcap of Roots 4: carrot, apple and ginger. It helps with my nightly sweet tooth; since I’ve had to give up my nightly bowl of cereal at 8pm, this drink is a good plan B.

Day 3: I wake up feeling really good – I know part of it is because it’s my last day on the cleanse, and part of it is because the cleanse is working (imagine that!). I feel energized and light, good enough to workout. I’m still craving solid food, but I feel really good and have a nice workout. My husband comments on my glowing appearance. My son wonders why I’m glowing and “Is that ok?”

What I’m drinking: So far I’ve had a Roots 3, apple, lemon, beet and ginger, and a Greens 1. I’m drinking a lot of water – even some hot water with lemon throughout the day. My body feels energized and my brain feels sharp, so I start plotting out some ideas for work. Lunch is my usual vanilla almond. It’s like having a milkshake, I’ve decided. And for the first time, I’m starting to think about what I’m going to eat the next day. I want to rub pasta all over myself, but I think I should probably start with some salads first.

How I’m feeling: I’m glad I warned my friends about my cleanse. No one rubbed their lunch in my face. Happy about that. It also helped that I knew to stay away from grocery stores, restaurants and my pantry. Back to the present moment: I round out the day with a Greens 6 and a Citrus 4. Oh! I forgot to mention that I’m cleaning myself out pretty good in the bathroom department – not like oh my gosh get out of my way, but a nice addition to glowing skin. Been getting a good inside-the-bod cleaning. I go to bed with a chocolate almond drink in one hand and the remote control in another. Life is good. I made it through my cleanse. I had a good experience.

Final outlook: Final thoughts? I think it’s a great idea for people to do a cleanse a few times a year, even if its just for a day. It’s so healthy for your body and your mind. And yes, the drooling finally stopped. Success!

Want to share your own cleanse experience? We’d love to hear about it! If you’re on instagram hashtag your photos #detoxdiaries and tell us all about it!  Share your photos and check out what other cleansers around the world are doing too. We’re in this together!

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