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If you want to lump things like Cottagecore dresses and handmade ceramics into the idea of “wellness”, we’ll allow it. While it’s incredibly important to us that vibrant health not be pigeon-holed into a narrowly defined way of life, we also champion the idea that aspirational details can inspire us to embrace healthy habits that might otherwise be boring!

Destroyer is an ultra-minimal cafe hidden in one of L.A.’s most architecturally-fascinating neighborhoods in Culver City. Helmed by two Michelin-starred chef, Jordan Kahn (also of Vespertine), there’s something incredibly magical about Destroyer (which we’ve been swooning over since 2017). The magic has a lot to do with the cafe’s wildly inventive, yet casual menu and the remarkable ceramics they serve it all in.

We’re in awe of the ceramics our meals are served in every time we visit the iconic Hayden Tract district cafe, but until recently, we didn’t realize that the mugs, bowls and plates are all made by hyper-local artisans in the neighborhood — some of them outrageously well-priced!

If, life everyone these days, you’re looking for little pick-me-ups to add to your at-home routine or the ultimate gifts for the regular coffee date you miss most, do not miss out on these two L.A. ceramics brands…

Match Stoneware… Match’s studio can be toured just a short walk away from Destroyer itself. The creative team is committed to “the ocean, forests and earth that surround California. From the Martian landscapes of Joshua Tree, to the moss covered Muir Woods and giant sequoias.” Perfect proof? The Dome spice jar from their Mars Jar collection (below). Match also makes Destroyer’s signature black coffee goblets and flat speckled plates that our 2021 kitchen dreams are made of.

goodies also supplies ceramics to Destroyer and we were shocked to see the price tags on their beautiful wood, ceramic and marble pieces! Yes, we know there may be a community of goodies customers who will be irate with us for exposing such an incredible under-the-radar resource. In fact, we thought of keeping this gold mine of a discovery to ourselves as well! But in an economy like this one, we also realized that goodies deserved an introduction to our community, who will likely buy them out before the summer starts!

Check out notable pieces like their $22 teak cutting board, $10 circle spoons and $22 ceramic storage jar (shown at top).

Destroyer is available for outdoor service, delivery and take-out now. They also offer a shop of well-curated gifts!

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