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I’ve been writing about CBD gummies for quite some time now. Some might even say I’m a “CBD expert,” which—kind of. So whenever I’m faced with trying a new gummy on the market, I volunteer as cannabinoid tribute, and make my way to the front of the line to see what’s what in the canna-space these days.

Recently, Binoid, a Los Angeles-based hemp brand making high-quality, highly effective, and highly sourced products, threw their not newish (but rather completely new) Delta-9 THC Gummies my way. With flavor names like Black Raspberry, Mango Madness, and Fruit Punch, I knew I was in for a wild ride.binoid cbd

“What new things will I even have to say about gummies?” I wondered. Since hemp gummies have become a pretty destigmatized, mainstream part of everyday life (and coping), my experiment would have to be nuanced, innovative… “next-gen.”

It was then I decided that I would see how the gummies helped me manage specific—maybe even stressful—use cases that popped up in my daily life.

What’s The Deal With Delta 9?

A quick recap: Delta 9 is neither new nor novel. It’s simply another word for good ole fashioned THC. But before you roll your eyes, wondering what makes these gummies any different from CBD/THC gummies you’ve tried before, let me first tell you a little about Binoid.

Binoid has entered a very crowded market with one goal in mind: to push the boundaries and limits of what is possible in the hemp industry. In an effort to provide a completely new, well-rounded experience for their customers, they were among the first to leverage alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8, which gave people all of the benefits of THC without an intense high.
binoid delta-9 gummy flavorsTheir most innovative addition yet—the Delta-9 THC Gummies—are once again utilizing a full spectrum of cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDV, and classic CBD alongside 10 mg of Delta-9 Mother Liquor (which you definitely haven’t heard of). Unlike Delta-9 Isolate, which is used in most Delta-9 gummies, Delta-9 Mother Liquor delivers a more potent experience, and a completely legal 0.3% concentration. Because of this efficacious, synergistic blend, many people are finding relief with issues like stress, sleep, pain, and inflammation without feeling stoned or lethargic.

How Delta-9 Gummies Rescued My Week

Things are pretty weird at the moment. Apparently every planet is basically retrograde (although not Mercury #blessed), and everyone I know claims to feel rushed, tired, confused, and hapless. Not the fall we imagined! That’s all to say there were several moments I felt gummies were an appropriate coping mechanism and/or solution.

Binoid advised starting small and then increasing my gummy dose per use—sometimes recommending just a quarter or less of a gummy. If I felt pretty experienced, I could opt for one or two gummies, but they suggested I wait about two hours to see how I felt before taking more.

Here were my favorite moments to take a gummy throughout the week:

While answering voice notes (1/4 gummy) | Every day, I wake up to a barrage of voice notes—some over 10 minutes! I have to take notes so I don’t forget what was mentioned and then, worse, I have to find time to respond to them later in order to maintain my friendships (or else!). It’s homework, I say!

I found that with 1/4 gummy (Black Raspberry was my favorite), I had the emotional and mental strength to tackle each of my “correspondences” without any frenzy in my voice. I also continued to feel focused and clear, managing to keep all of my responses to two minutes or less.

While talking to my therapist about my future (1/2 gummy) | Every other week, my therapist (who shares the same name as my mom, which means whatever you want it to mean) and I talk about my future. For me, it usually involves feeling backed into a corner, where I’m screaming, “Is it so wrong to just want sweeping amounts of money without having to work that hard?!” Stressful, indeed.

I wondered if taking 1/2 a gummy would be perceptible on the other side of the phone, or if I’d somehow be less engaged during my session. However, quite the opposite ensued! I was able to compartmentalize (therapy term) and not overwhelm myself. Normally, these conversations dysregulate me (also a therapy term) and I start to feel like I’m talking in circles.

I, instead, felt pretty relaxed, able to receive what was being said without any defenses. My therapist ended the call by saying, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” which meant she thought it went well! (Future is still TBD.)
binoid cbd and thcWhile recovering from my circuit training class (1 gummy) | I am in my #FitnessEra, which means I’m working out between five and seven times per week. At least one of those times, I’m deep in a Training Mate class, giving all of my joints and tissues a run for their money.

While I love the feeling of a 45-minute, hard HIIT workout, I find that my knees and hips don’t always share the same sentiment.

This time around, I gave myself the pleasure of one gummy to see how it affected my inflammation. I noticed a lot of relief pretty quickly and that the relief continued throughout the week as I continued my gummy journey. I will also add that yes, one gummy did make me feel a little high-sies.

While preparing for sleep (2 gummies) | Candidly, I’m not a bad sleeper, but I do take a long time to fall asleep. Every night is going to be the night I finally get to bed before midnight, and every night is the night where I say “Tomorrow night will finally be the night!” I think my issue is that I need hours to unwind from the stress of the day, which turns into an unproductive cycle of not getting to bed on time and therefore never feeling rested.

Knowing that I could handle at least 1/2 a gummy on the phone with my therapist, I felt very comfortable upping my dose of Binoid. I took my gummies about 30 minutes before bed, and by the time my head hit the pillow, my obsessive thoughts were eclipsed within minutes.

I woke up feeling rested and not slammed like I do at times from CBD tinctures. I trusted that I had gotten deep REM sleep, and felt more inclined to get to bed earlier because I didn’t require as much time to decompress.

Why I’ll Continue To Experiment With Binoid

When it comes to CBD, gummies, and the whole hemp space, it can be really, really hard to find a worthwhile product that stands a cut above the rest. What I loved about Binoid was that their gummies had as much efficacy as they did integrity.

They work with local hemp farmers in Oregon to specifically grow unique phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants with the best plant genetics, high cannabinoid concentrations, and beneficial terpenes so that their customers get the absolute best experience. Each product is tested five times before being sent off for third-party testing. That’s science.

Taking the Delta-9 Gummies didn’t feel like a whole event that I had to create a lot of space for. I was never worried about feeling like I couldn’t function or that I was going to be stoned out in the wild. It was so nice to be able to seamlessly dose myself depending on the situation, and I will happily continue to experiment.

Ready to experiment with us? Shop Binoid with code CHALKBOARD30 for 30% off and free shipping. Be sure to report back and tell us what you think!
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