Deck the halls, the windows and few doorways with these make-at-home wreathes! We spent a chilly afternoon with our Brentwood Country Mart neighbors, the ladies of Botany flower shop, immersed in all things green – juice, leaves, branches and a few thumbs. We asked the Botany team to help us create these DIY decorations that can be made with leftover Christmas tree trimmings. What makes these wreathes so stunning is the use of winter fruit and seeds – make one as the most spectacular housewarming gift ever or deck the house with a wreath in each window…

Botany’s Gorgeous DIY Wreath

Hunt and gather:

Collect the materials for the wreath. It’s fun to have a mix of greens like pine and fir or whatever is left from your tree trimmings! You can use what you have available – we used pomegranates, red berries, pepper berries, mistletoe and seeded stems like eucalyptus. You’ll also need green florist wire.

Line em up:

Lay the greens into long strands like you’re making a garland, and wire the stems together to create the base of your wreath.

In the curve:

Once you have enough wired strands to create a circular form, wire the two end pieces together to create the final wreath form.

Add Swag:

Gather and wire additional long strands of greens, similar to the first step and create a little swag to hang like the from the wreath like a ‘Q’.

Get Fruity:

Add all the fruit and seeds accents for texture where the swag hangs from the circular wreath. A beautiful and unique accent is cutting a pomegranate in half to have an open face accent. The more movement the swag has the more fun! Wire each branch, or, for fruit like the poms or pears, thread the wire right through the center of the fruit!

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