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Date Night Beauty: 9 Beauty Musts For An Evening of Romance
Rosy Outlook: amala rose room and linen mist

Spray this room and linen mist in your entryway, across bed linens or in the most cuddly spot in your living room to set the tone for a perfect evening. This aromatherapy mist from one of our favorite beauty brands is filled with Turkish rose for a spicy and soothing floral aroma just earthy enough for evening and sweet enough for everyday use. Warning: the experience of spritzing room mist is highly addictive. Tame your impulse to over-spritz like a teenaged boy with his first bottle of Drakkar and everything should be fine.



Date Night Beauty: 9 Beauty Musts For An Evening of Romance

Whether you’ve made the best dinner reservations of the year, are cooking up something special at home or are headed out for a low-key picnic like our lovebirds here, we’ve found a few Valentine-worthy skincare and makeup products that will take your look for any occasion to the next level. Find your next beauty obsession from a few of our own in this round-up of 9 romance-boosting beauties for Valentine’s Day…

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