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Celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson has a reputation as one of the best trainers in Hollywood. It’s a rep that’s well earned — proof in case, actress Dakota Johnson’s famed role in the Fifty Shades films and model Kendall Jenner’s turn down the runway for Victoria’s Secret.

To prep Dakota for the films, Gunnar told Vogue that they relied on moves like the “Goddess,” a knee lift into a back lunge lifted into an arabesque, which required “both control and grace — two qualities Duke considers crucial for feeling sexy.” Gunnar also focused on moves that target the “Triple A” (abs, arms, and ass).

Trainers are the ones we consistently turn to for guidance and support — but how do they stay so committed? We love hearing from the best about how they personally find balance and stay fit and motivated every day. Here’s Gunnar on his daily routine, go-to breakfast and other non-negotiables…

Can’t live without my: Family, workouts, the occasional peanut butter cup

Daily breakfast: I have a Split packet before I train, a protein shake afterwards, and egg whites with tomatoes.

My food philosophy in one sentence: Think performance before pleasure.

My daily supplements: MitoQ, multi-vitamin.

Fave workout: Steady state cardio followed by a stretch and a full body lift!

Best gym to street (or dinner) tip: Get a quality protein source because, if and when you do slip up, it won’t be with protein and this way you are at least ahead of the game.

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Once a week for my health I: …should get a massage but it’s more like once every 4 months. I know, I know, I’m working on it…

Best fast food option: Grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. That’s MY best option, yours may be different!

Best healthy restaurant tip: If you are having ‘just a salad’ make sure to add a protein to it (especially if you workout regularly).

At least once a month I cook… Nothing. And I have kept that streak alive for years! Ha ha!

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be… Add a multi-vitamin and MitoQ to your daily routine. The payback happens consistently for years, like regularly buying shares in a great stock over time.

Ingredient in products I always avoid: Guilt… If you want it occasionally, have it, and then move on.

Crazy health idea that actually works: Sleeping a FULL 8 hours. It’s amazing what it does from a reset standpoint, adrenal gland health, mental acuity, and memory. ‘Crazy’ because it’s hard to do in today’s 24/7 busy world.

4 things always in my medicine cabinet: Multi-vitamin, MitoQ, ibuprofen, and throat lozenges.

Non-negotiable: My morning workout.

Simplest way to improve health: Lift weights.

Go-to health resources: I read anything and everything health related, there is a lot of good and bad information out there so you are responsible for processing it. Make sure to read the studies and not just the headlines.

Fave healthy getaway: Rosewood Miramar Beach in Santa Barbara or my own gym…

My health passion: Family time. Nothing gives peace and perspective like time with family.

Health trend to skip: Anything that gives a hard timeline on when you will be ‘in shape’. Learn to enjoy the process!

My go-to juice or smoothie: I make a protein shake with Transformation Protein, water, and sometimes throw in some almond butter depending on my energy.

My current mantra: Never late. Never cancel. Never quit.

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