When we first met model and holistic chef Crosby Tailor, not only did he wow us with these crazy-looking, instantly addictive cookies, but he unpacked a half-dozen supplements and holistic additives just to add to our casual lunch. We get excited about people who are this dialed in to holistic nutrition. Crosby shares our love for butter-infused coffee, Chinese herbs and everything about Donna Gates.

Crosby’s healthy physique and glowing skin are proof he walks his holistic talk and although he’s often busy training and feeding his celebrity clients through grueling film schedules, his real passion are these incredible cookies. Crosby’s Cookies are nutrient-dense, sugar-free and – get this – frosted with colostrum. His goal is to provide desserts that are nutritious and won’t interrupt a ketotonic or paleo diet.

Find out more about the cookies and stay tuned for more details about Crosby’s plans for his own bakeshop here. In the meantime, check out his in-depth insights on everything from the perfect breakfast to knowing your limit at the gym! Here’s Crosby…

Daily breakfast:

Bulletproof Coffee has been my breakfast every morning for the last couple months and I feel amazing on it! Bulletproof is a super low mycotoxin coffee that I French press and then add to my blender with 2 tablespoons Ancient Organics ghee, 1 tablespoon Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, a couple Chinese herbs, including chaga for immune function, and a little stevia to sweeten. I go to bed dreaming about my coffee in the a.m. It turns my brain on, gets my metabolism going, and is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it to boost cognitive function and turn your body into a fat burning machine for the rest of the day!

My food philosophy in one sentence:

There is no such thing as the perfect diet, but there is such a thing as the perfect diet for you!

Daily supplements:

Lately I have been working a lot on the brain and mitochondrial function by using supplements that enhance my ability to use fats more efficiently.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil: I consider this a supplement because it is beyond any type of MCT oil on the market.
CILTEP: a blend of artichoke extract, coleus forskohlii, and acetyl L carnitine to help the liver/gallbladder process fats and to ignite ATP with a higher-fat diet, while also driving these fats to the brain for optimal cognitive function.
Betaine HCL and Beet Flow: helps stomach acid to break down fats and protein more efficiently and a bile-flow agent to absorb the fats and use them for energy. This is a huge step in gut health and transitioning to use fat for fuel instead of high carb/sugar.
Liquid l-carnitine: enhances fat as a strong metabolic fuel to help you burn fat!
Amino acids and minerals: arginine/glutamine/BCAAs/micro-mineral supplements like blooming lotus shilajit and macro minerals like Capra goat mineral whey for potassium/calcium/magnesium in pure-food form synergy.
Grass-fed raw colostrum: recovery/immune/athletic performance/hormone regulation/gut health. It does it all.
Elk velvet tincture: hormone regulation/testosterone boosting/IGF1-2 growth-hormone boosting/overall body healing/anti aging
Passionflower or chrysin/DIM/indole-3-carbinol: keeps estrogen balanced and under control

Can’t live without my:

One World Whey! Non-denatured grass-fed whey protein that is so pure, so delicious and yields a high level of glutathione to help detoxify the body while also supplying very adequate amounts of protein for someone as active as myself!

Fave workout:

A superset circuit-type workout that combines certain lifts isolating a couple muscle groups with exercises on the powerplate, footwork on the foot ladder, working on the battle ropes, TRX, or plyo boxes to keep the body guessing. If you go hard, make sure to have something immediately after to recover and don’t work out too long! The gut lining will start to inflame and break down after going too hard for too long. Recover with BCAAs, glutamine and colostrum.

At least once a week I cook…

My fave dish of a grass-fed New Zealand curried lamb, broccoli/cilantro/bone-broth pureed soup, and a colsotrum sauerkraut dish. So healing, and the synergy of all three will give you the most amazing body high. Your vibration will rise from the nutrient-dense foods and boost your serotonin!

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Try to keep your daily toxic load to a minimum! Don’t compound the struggle we already face with our environment by piling up food toxins as well. Eat nutrient-dense whole foods and be aware of fillers and byproducts. Listen to your body. As you become cleaner inside, you will be more sensitive and will be able to decide what feels good and gives you energy and what brings you down. The less toxins we take in, the more efficiently our body will be able to do its job.

Go-to health resources:

I really love a combination of Bulletproof executive Dave Asprey’s advice, gut-health ideas from Donna Gates (author of the Body Ecology diet), among blog posts and the latest from Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint, Weston A. Price, and Charles Poliquin’s principles.

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:

Colloidal silver, oregano oil, Dragon Herbs’ Yin Chao, a probiotic supplement, and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Anytime I feel anything coming on, I dose these and I’m good to go. Staying in the preventative mode will keep us from having to take things like antibiotics, which will do heavy damage to the gut, and over time, keep our immune systems weak and make us more susceptible to ongoing flus, colds and infections. Remember, the gut is everything so protect it!

Simplest way to improve health:

Everything starts with the gut. With any client that is the first and most important task. Once the gut is healed, everything gets easier. You crave less, you’re attracted to more nutrient-dense foods, your mood changes for the better, you’re happier, healthier, stronger and more vital, and the healing process begins.

My current mantra:

Live from the heart. We are embarking upon the Age of Love. Some have already made the shift and are reaping the benefits of coming from love and not fear. Keep your vibration high by having gratitude and trusting the universe. There is a plan for us all. Be a light, open your heart, and pay it forward. All you need is LOVE.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

Pressed Juicery’s Greens 1 or Greens 4. Get your greens in and keep it low-sugar. Greens 4 when I want a little kick to wake me up!

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