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Sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes…whatever you call the quasi-athleticwear shoes you wear on the street, shop them sustainably! There are a few ways to go about this, depending on your definition of ‘sustainable’, but one thing is for sure: unlike many other sustainable fashion categories, the options are all great.

Shop five of our recent faves below and take the time to explore each brand’s sustainability pages linked within the shoe description for a true education.

5 Sustainable Sneakers We’re Wearing Now

AVRE Swift Icon Shoe in Jet Black and Bright White | This pair was a recent find and we’re thrilled about the discovery. Avre’s shoes are knit with fibers from recycled P.E.T plastic (8-10 water bottles a pair). The Swift Icon has a super-stretchy fit with a sock-like top and we’re hooked on this subtly graphic speckled style. SHOP NOW 

Veja Esplar | Like everyone, we’re obsessed with this shoe. Perhaps second to Adidas by Stella McCartney, Veja was the first sustainable sneaker to make it onto the fashion map in a significant way. The Esplar and Campo styles have become modern classics and the brand’s commitment to sustainability is thorough, including their responsibly-sourced wild rubber. SHOP NOW 

able Zell High Top | A minimalistic canvas high top you’ll wear everywhere. ABLE’s real claim to fame is their effort toward female workers rights, protections, and wages, but they also use sustainable materials and low-waste packaging. SHOP NOW 

Allbirds Wool Runners | We were one of the first sites to cover this New Zealand-born brand, now beloved for it’s unique, no-socks-required wool runners. The California techies seem to have especially taken to the utilitarian aspect of the brand — it seems they are on every foot in SF. We’re wearing Allbirds for their effortless wear, wooly softness and commitment to sustainability. SHOP NOW 

Cariuma Oca Low | These classic low-top sneakers come in every possible color and are handmade with premium natural materials like organic cotton, natural rubber, sugarcane and bamboo. The unique insoles are made from vegan organic mamona oil and cork. Check out the brand’s thorough Sustainability page to learn more and consider shopping for the whole family. SHOP NOW  

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