Talk about a dream come true (and yes, we actually dream of these things): Eater editor, Kat Odell, recently introduced us to a new Manhattan hotspot that specializes in customizable, South American zoodle bowls (cue the internal fangirl freakout) and we’re absolutely obsessed. Merging our infatuations with zucchini noodlesmeals in bowls and brightly colored natural foods (more neon beetroot sauce, please!), Latin Beet Kitchen has taken the work out of prepping and enjoying the eats we love most – and is destined to be a lasting staple in our NYC restaurant rotation…

What I Ate: Latin Beet Kitchen’s customizable zucchini noodle (zoodle) bowl.

Why I Ate It: Lately, I’ve been all about savory veg-based bowls. For a taste of India (and some damn good cauliflower “rice”), I hit up Inday, and now, thanks to super newbie Latin Beet Kitchen, for a taste of South America, this is my joint. Can you say zucchini noodles? Yes, indeed – topped with a bespoke spread of veggies and proteins, from pickled radish and roasted sweet potatoes, to Peruvian rotisserie chicken and anticucho steak. This is a fast-casual concept from those behind Flatiron’s Peruvian staple Raymi, and here all dishes are gluten-free and made from both organic and non-GMO ingredients. Score.

Why You Need It: Well, because it’s both healthy and delicious. While I love the idea of spiralized veggies (pro tip: Don’t miss chef April Bloomfield’s spiralized raw veg salad at Salvation Burger), they’re a pain to prep at home. But Latin Beet has done the work for you, if that’s the base you choose. Basically, you’ll pick a base (other options include kale, brown rice and quinoa) and then add both protein and veggie toppings. But, as co-owner Roger Torres states, “It’s all about the sauces.” Options range from a neon-pink beet dressing to zippy Peruvian staples like aji rococo and aji verde.

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