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Before you get too skeptical about crystals, stop to consider that your watch is likely running on quartz. Our bones and teeth have crystalline properties, we ingest a variety of minerals (also crystals) for our health, and it could be argued that tech from fiber optics to semiconductors are crystals at their core too.

We asked best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women, Mariah K. Lyons to share about a few crystals that would ‘convert skeptics’ and this is what she had to share….

When we think of crystal healing, the word “science” doesn’t always come into the conversation right away. In fact, in the wellness space, we tend to discuss the energetic properties of crystals, more than their scientific compositions and modern applications.

In reality, not only have crystalline structures been a focus for scientists for millennia, they are also documented in every ancient culture across the globe as a tool for balancing the body.

Even the strongest skeptics must agree that these minerals play an important role in a wide-array of applications across disciplines. If both ancient mystics and modern scientists have seriously engaged in mineral exploration, maybe there is cause to learn more.

5 Incredible Crystals + How They Function

Here are five crystals and the unique properties that make them so fascinatingly useful…

01 Calcite | Calcite is found in micro-crystals within the pineal gland of the body. The pineal gland is responsible for melatonin secretion, maintaining circadian rhythms and also is thought to excrete natural DMT during expanded states of consciousness, or during birth and death.

The calcite micro-crystals in the pineal gland have been show to conduct piezoelectricity, which means, when the micro-crystals are pressurized, they release energy or light. Calcite is a polymorph calcium carbonate mineral, most commonly seen in marble and limestone composites. Calcite, is also the bicarbonate found in the inner ear, responsible for maintaining equilibrium and balance. There is scientific suggestion and discussion now, that these micro-crystals exhibit the possibility to respond as a type of antenna to external stimuli.

In practice: Calcite crystals are found within the human body and throughout the natural world. They have been shown to create an “electric” effect when pressurized, creating mystical experiences and shifts in consciousness. The pineal gland is often called the ‘third eye’ in ancient traditions and perhaps calcite has something to do with that. Work with the calcite crystals within your own body through meditation, breathwork, dark room retreats and balancing your circadian rhythm.

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02 Selenite | Selenite is a naturally occurring form of gypsum, or calcium sulfate. It contains 25% calcium and 18% sulfur, making it an incredible nutrient for enriching soils on farms and in garden. Selenite is formed by water evaporation and is found in alkaline lake beds. While is it toxic to the human body if ingested, selenite it wonderfully cleansing to the body’ energetic field.

In practice: According to Dr. Daniel Davidson, by adding selenite to soil we can “…reduce aluminum toxicity, which is often found in acid subsoil. Calcium sulfate dissolves and leaches down in the soil displacing the aluminum that is toxic to root growth.”

Farmers and home gardeners working with selenite may be on the forefront of agriculture productivity and improvement. You an also work with the cleansing effects of selenite by holding it in meditation or simply having a piece in your home.

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03 Clear Quartz | Clear quartz is labeled the “Master Healer” in the wellness world, but what you may not know, is that scientists, such as Nikola Tesla and Dr. Marcel Vogel have been studying the incredible properties of clear quartz for a very long time. In fact, new research shows that information can be stored in a clear quartz disc almost permanently (for up to 14 billion years). This speaks to the fact that clear quartz can “store” information within its structure. It is nature’s original USB drive. With that in mind, it is not too big a step to understand how your monthly intention could be “stored” within a clear quartz.

In practice: In a meditative space, hold a clear quartz in your hands and focus on your breath. Bring your attention now to an intention you would like to create and experience in your life, say it out loud and imagine the intention being “programmed” into the quartz, just like you might write code for a website. Your intention is now “stored” within the quartz, and can act as a energetic and physical reminder of your intended outcome.

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04 Lepidolite | Lepidolite is a member of the mica mineral family and is the most abundant lithium containing mineral. Because of its high amount of natural lithium, it has been dubbed the “Xanax of the mineral world.” Lithium salts have been shown to have mood stabilizing qualities and can help to calm the nervous system.

In practice: Holding a lepidolite in your hand or resting a lepidolite on your forehead can help to soothe an overactive mind and bring a feeling of calm to the body. It is a great stone to use in meditation or place in your bedroom for a restful night sleep.
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05 Pearl | Pearl has been seen in many ancient healing traditions and now is being studied by scientists to find new ways of mimicking pearl’s light localization for material innovation as well as biomedical and defense application. Natural freshwater pearls are high in minerals and amino acids, proving to be a great gemstone for both internal and external application. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with pearl for both healing physical imbalances within the body as well as a topical beauty application.

In practice: Work with pearl internally in your morning adaptogenic latte or nighttime tonic to strengthen and support your skin, hair and nails. Product we love: Moon Juice Pearl.

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