Crystals for a Broken Heart: How To Break Up Without Breaking Down

Heartbreak is one hell of a ride. While there’s no magical cure that we know of, using crystals for a broken heart can bring a little beauty back into the process, and at best, can help you ground down and propel through transformation.

Which crystal is best and how should you use it? We’ll let the ladies of Energy Muse explain…

It can be hard to admit when you’ve had your heart broken. There’s an impulse that you need to cover up your pain with a bullet-proof attitude. As much as you may want to prove your strength to those around you by acting like nothing is wrong, there’s nothing stronger than facing your pain and fears head on. Distractions like the gym, hobbies and copious amounts of friend-time can get you past the achy part of heartache, but to conquer the lasting effects, you need to dig deeper. By eliminating the distractions and turning inward, you can discover the lessons that will illuminate the pitfalls to avoid on a path to true love.

There’s an opportunity in every breakup to break up — not down. Instead of breaking down, egging your ex’s car and blaming everything on someone else, pause, breathe and reflect. If you want to grow and progress and break upward, you have to recognize the aspects of yourself that have lead to this feeling. Do you repeat negative patterns in love? Have you pursued the same type of partner? Are willing to be vulnerable? Have you taken down your walls? All of these can be uncomfortable questions to ask, especially in the wake of a breakup; but it’s crucial to your development that you do. Only once you acknowledge these faults, forgive yourself for the pain they’ve brought and seek to create positive changes to breakout of them, can you move on in a significant way.

How To Use Crystals
For A Broken Heart

So now that we’ve covered what you should do, I bet you’re wondering how to do it. The self-reflection aspect is fairly self-explanatory, but I suggest adding a rainbow obsidian heart to enhance your contemplation practice. Rainbow obsidian is the perfect crystal for gaining insights while healing from a breakup. The reason that it’s an ideal crystal for breakups is that it guides the mind through layers of analysis.

If you look at rainbow obsidian closely, you’ll notice that it has layers of red, green, orange and other colors. These layers formed as a result of molten hot magma rapidly cooling at different intervals. Just as rainbow obsidian develops new layers as it transforms, so do we. It can be helpful to look back on previous layers to understand how we got to where we are.

All obsidian stones are known for their mirror-like energy that guides you to see who you really are – both positive and negative – but rainbow obsidian is particularly useful for transcending blame and healing with understanding and compassion. As it absorbs your negativity, it leaves you with a profound perspective that you were unable to grasp before. Working with rainbow obsidian energy, you can begin the process of forgiving yourself, and others, for your pain. You can recognize the pain in others that they may have projected onto you. But you can’t do any of this until you sit down and take the time to connect with the crystal and yourself.

Here’s what to do: With a rainbow obsidian heart in hand, find a peaceful place in your home to lie down. Then place the rainbow obsidian stone over your heart chakra. As hard as it may be, think about the relationship and why it ended. Try to consider an answer or perspective you haven’t allowed yourself to go to yet. Find the lesson that this experience can teach you about yourself and love. Once you’ve reached a place in your self-reflection that you feel comfortable ending off at, leave your practice by stating aloud this affirmation:

I am worthy of the love I give and receive; I forgive myself; I forgive [ex-partner’s name]; I send them love and light on their journey.

Repeat this practice until you’ve reached a breakthrough within. You may find that while at first your words of forgiveness were just words, after repeated introspection, they eventually become truth. The more you reconcile with yourself, the easier it is to thank your painful past for the brighter future it will bring.

Breakups can be brutal, but this mindful advice from a wellness pro will help.

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