You know that feeling when you see a crystal, instantly connect with its energy and you just can’t look away? That’s the experience we had with the stunning piece of phantom quartz pictured above. We spotted it during a super vibey photo shoot at the Energy Muse HQ and needed to know more.

Our Crystal of the Month series with their team of crystal pros spotlights individual stones and their meaning — check out rainbow fluorite for emotional stability and celestie for a sense of calm. Below, we’re breaking down the growth-inducing potential of phantom quartz…

What You Should Know: This stone has one of the most unique appearances of all crystals. That’s because this stone is actually made up of two crystals—the primary growth and secondary growth. Like us, phantom quartz goes through different phases of growth. It begins developing as one stone, and then pauses as the growth of a new stone begins. When the secondary growth stops, the primary growth begins again and eventually envelopes the other crystal. This is what gives phantom quartz the appearance of having one stone “haunting” the other. Hence it’s ghostly name!

How It Heals: Phantom Quartz is all about growth. It helps guide your footing forward even when you feel lost in a transition stage of your life. Often we don’t notice our personal growth until we reach a point where we can pause and reflect back on the road we’ve traveled. Phantom quartz brings clarity to your journey, so that you can be more aware of the signs that the universe is giving you and understand which direction you need to continue in. As stone of transition, phantom quartz can relieve the stress, anxiety, fear or regrets that accompany major shifts in your life. Much like physical growth, emotional and spiritual growth can cause growing pains. These manifest as worries that your new direction is wrong or not going to pan out like you want it to. They may even convince you to turn down opportunities that you’ve earned, and compel you to tread back into comfortable territory. Instead, forge ahead with the calming, motivating energy of phantom quartz.

Where To Keep It: Write down an intention that you have for your spiritual growth, and keep your phantom quartz on top of it. Set these items somewhere special, where they can be seen as daily reminders of the change you’re trying to manifest.

How To Use It: Manifesting with phantom quartz is the best way to create a positive shift in your perspective. The kind of change that comes along with growth can often feel like it is happening too fast, and cause a gut reaction of wanting to pump the breaks on your development. Holding a phantom quartz in meditation forces you to slow down and gain perspective. Rather than thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, you can focus on the calm of the moment. And through that calm, learn to embrace your development, even when it gets rough or messy. It helps to visualize the breakthrough you would like to achieve with your spiritual growth while meditating with phantom quartz. This reframes the mind away from fearing that breakthrough by encouraging it through manifestation.  With the help of phantom quartz energy, you’ll never stunt your growth again!

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