Nothing tones our bodies or tempers our feelings like a knock-down, drag-out boxing class. Valerie and Bebe Ding, sisters and co-founders of the buzzy boxing studio, CruBox in West Hollywood, have created a high-end boutique studio where cardio-boxing is intense, technical and still really fun.

Modeled after their first fitness endeavor, CruCycle in Singapore, we wanted to know what motivates these power-sibs as they train a new army of boxing enthusiasts here in Hollywood. Check out our ‘Working Out With’ with the girls for the supplements they swear by, the mantras that keep them on fire, and the sneaker swaps they make throughout the day…

Go To Workout:

Valerina: Boxing private one-on-one training (releases stress and angst) or spinning (it’s quick and gets you energized). Recently tried Lagree and love it, because it’s so quick and gets you sweating in literally five minutes!

Bebe: Hiking, especially if it is by the water, because it’s always nice to get a breath of fresh air, enjoy a nice view and be one with nature!

Fitness trend I love:

Valerina: Boxing and spinning.

Bebe: Being able to wear my workout leggings with a leather jacket and sneakers out to dinner, or a sports crop with baggy pants out to lunch. In other words, athleisure. Apparently that is what it’s called nowadays, haha! Also, all the sneaker collaborations that keep getting better. I’m a sneakerhead!

Fitness trend I wish would end:

Valerina: Females looking muscular and striving for as little body fat possible, so they almost look masculine. I believe we should strive for a healthy body and not focus as much on how much the muscles are showing. (Embodying a healthy fitness lifestyle and looking fit: Healthy is in; super-skinny-fit-and-not-eating looking-gaunt females with abs is out.)

Bebe: Toning shoes and crash diets, even though I’ve definitely been a victim of the latter! Just exercise and eat well! That is how you yield long-term, quality results!

Fitness uniform:

Valerina: All black everything. Love PE Nation stuff – very chic. Alo Yoga tights are very comfortable. Alala fitness wear lasts a million washes! MissBish Active wear.

Bebe: As an instructor, I have more workout clothing than I really need, but I have almost ten pairs of Lululemon Align Pants alone. They feel like butter!

3 things always in my gym bag:

Valerina: Mio Skincare wipes, Byredo Water hair perfume spray, Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist Spray (keeps me smelling good! And it’s refreshing!)

Bebe: It’s more like things I always have in the trunk of my car: Pilates socks, tennis rackets, boxing gloves, spin shoes, a yoga mat and towel, and an extra set of workout clothes, in case I decide to workout again that day! I’m always prepared!

Favorite gyms/studios:

Valerina: CruBox on Melrose Avenue, CruCycle in Singapore! Wild Card West Boxing Club in Santa Monica. Cycle House on Melrose.

Bebe: Training Mate, Studeo and Speedplay for circuit training. Hot Pilates, Eden and Lagree for pilates. CruCycle and Soulcycle for spin. Hot8 for yoga. Lit Method for rowing. And of course, CruBox for boxing!

Post-workout fuel:

Valerina: A Kind Bar – dark chocolate and sea salt is the best! Current obsession: apple tuna salad sandwich. Recently discovered Recover 180* drink – it’s amazing. TuMe Water (turmeric water).

Bebe: A protein shake with collagen protein powder from Bulletproof, a turkey sandwich with Daiya vegan cream cheese or a blueberry almond acai bowl from Body Energy Club. I like to bake, so I’ll also make healthier renditions of sweet treats like rice krispies or whole-wheat pop tarts, for example.

Favorite sneakers:

Valerina: Nike HyperKOs for boxing, Nike AirMax 97 Ultra 17 for day, Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknits for working out. Black and purple are my fave colors for these!

Bebe: Out of all my shoes, I find myself going back to my Nike Hyperdunks or Kyries (basketball shoes) because of the ankle support — especially when I box or play tennis. Nike Metcons for weight lifting because they are flat and allow for better form. Vans slip ons for day to day because easy on, easy off. Nike Off White Hyperdunks are my most special shoe that I own right now, and I refuse to get them dirty!

Supplements I love for fitness goals:

Valerina: Ultima Electrolytes to replenish the sweat, KOR Shots from Malibu (nutritional shots daily!), Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

Bebe: As mentioned, I believe in electrolytes for replenishing lost minerals and rehydration, collagen protein powder, Swisse Hair Skin Nails supplements and fish oils everyday.

Where I find fitspiration:

Valerina: Social media, blogs.

Bebe: Social media and just learning from others. Most of all, music is my biggest motivator. I am where the good music is (hence my favorite studios list).

Best fitness tip ever:

Valerina: You’ve already started, it only gets easier!

Bebe: You are your biggest obstacle. I talk to myself while I’m struggling in a workout, that is how I believe it is totally possible to break down those walls and attain more! You are your biggest coach — and there is no fancy diet or equipment needed to change your body. It’s all about staying positive, allowing space for change and enjoying your workout!

Current mantra:

Valerina: Treat everything as an experience, because everything is meant to be. No matter how hard, push through it, because no matter what you’ll learn and gain something.

Bebe: It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort. And when you bring that effort, pair it with consistency and stretch your beliefs every single day, success happens.

Brush up on your boxing technique at home with this do-anywhere workout.

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