corpus soap in box

We were just as shocked as you are: as it turns out, bar soap is actually just body wash that’s plastic-free. We joke, but, truthfully bar soap is probably one of the most sustainable products in your shower.

Until recently, we wouldn’t give bar soap a second look. Sustainability is great, but so is skin that’s not dry, tight and bothered by old school soap. Last week, we received a package of beautiful, creamy bar soap in a green box embossed with gold letters. It’s clean, neroli fragrance filled the entire room as we unpacked it and it went straight into the bathroom for our evening shower.

WHAT IT IS: CORPUS Naturals The Cleansing Bar

You might recognize this signature soft green packaging from the brand’s cult-status plant-based deodorant. We swear by it and it’s just so damn pretty in the medicine cabinet.

cleansing bar soaps

Again, if you told us there was a new bar soap available, we wouldn’t have blinked, but when we unpacked these gorgeous, creamy, fragrant ‘cleansing bars’, we had to try immediately.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: This Cleansing Bar has officially brought us back from a decade-long body wash slump. One lather with this bar releases the ingredients that caught our attention at the start: marula oil and squalane — two superstar clean beauty ingredients we’ve been swooning for in luxury body oils and facials cleansers for years. The scent is unreal and the lather is pretty perfect (we love using scrubby gloves or a Japanese bath towel like this one).

Think of this bar as a super-creamy body wash in solid form. Extra virgin olive, marula and squalane oils melt into your skin, nourishing while the coconut base cleanses. And not a hint of that weird soapy feeling old-school soap gives you once you step out of the shower.

corpus naturals soap

WHAT TO DO WITH IT: Take the sexiest spa shower ever at home once all your Zoom calls are over. Some beauty products are so good, they qualify as self-care. There’s something so satisfying about a smooth new bar of soap, especially one that smells like this. And we love that we’ve reduced our waste by swapping to it. We’ll honestly probably never return to plastic pump body wash again — for so many reasons.

Here are the two new Cleansing Bar scents (vegan and free of synthetics). They both smell like heaven in a good, steamy shower, but we’re partial to Neroli!

Nº Green | Scent profile: bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom, cardamom | Check this one out
Naturally extracted from the root, seed, stem, pulp and rind, a complex collection of citrus plants and spice.

NEROLI | Scent profile: neroli, orange blossom, bergamot, ambrette seed | Check this one out
Orange blossom and ambrette seed combine to create a scent reminiscent of sun-washed orange trees. Sweet, subtly sexy and full of refreshing, clean citrus. 

corpus naturals deodorant

CORPUS Naturals is not new to us. In fact, they make one of readers’ favorite clean deodorants of all time (see the list here!). CORPUS was hard for us to resist as a brand at very first glance — naturally derived, climate conscious, and obsessed with a form-meets-function esthetic we love having on our vanities and in our travel bags.

Our favorites scents are The Botanist, Santalum and Third Rose. Explore all the scents and switch to a clean deodorant once and for all. Each water-based, long-lasting formula contains naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts that can hold up under almost every circumstance we’ve put them through. Made without aluminum, baking soda or talc — and just so damn pretty. 

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