Head on over to the kitchenof Julie Morris and you will find a wonderland of superfood concoctions. Strawberry Basil Smoothies, Mint Chip Green Shakes and beautifully arranged glass jars filled with exotic dragonfruit, mulberries, and yacon slices. She’s the queen of nutrient-packed culinary creations, the envy of all kale-eating, juice-drinking foodies and the author of three (soon to be four) superfood cookbooks including Superfood Smoothies and the forthcoming Superfood Snacks. Who better to guide our cookbook shopping this holiday season? Here’s Julie with her wishlist of the most coveted plant-based, vegan and gluten-free cookbooks of 2014…

To this day, I still cherish my first cookbook: a little green book of simple desserts I was given for Christmas, back when I was too young to even reach the kitchen counter (let alone read the recipes). A couple decades and literally hundreds of books later, my love for getting cookbooks has turned into a love of giving them! There’s a beauty in their intention, offering delicious inspiration, culinary adventure, and hands-on experience. Truly, a good cookbook is the epitome of a gift that keeps on giving. So, this year, these are the books that I’m most excited about sharing with the beloved fellow foodies and health enthusiasts on my list.

Julie Morris’s Must-Have Cookbook List

The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

Anyone interested in sustainable, seasonal cooking should absolutely have this in his or her library – it’s an instant classic. Waters is unmatched in wiping away hype and unneeded complexity in cooking, instead inspiring the use and celebration of local, fresh produce to create beautiful dishes that shine because of their quality ingredients. A must for lovers of the farmers’ market.

Pick up a copy of The Art of Simple Food

Plenty More

For those who simply can’t get enough of Yotam Ottolenghi’s bestselling Plenty (and I don’t blame you), Plenty More does not disappoint: it offers a whole new round of creative, playful, vegetable-centric dishes.

Pick up a copy of Plenty More

Raw Chocolate

Chocolate-lovers may have to scoop their jaw off the floor after flipping through this gorgeous collection of inventive cacao-themed desserts. What could possibly be more exciting than learning how to make top-shelf chocolates at home?

Pick up a copy of Raw Chocolate

Superfood Kitchen, Juices, Smoothies

My books on cooking with superfoods serve as a wonderful point of inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate the energizing power of superfoods into their lifestyle! Packed with excitingly easy, flavorful recipes; rich descriptions of the what’s, how’s, and why’s of superfoods; and lush photography throughout … don’t be surprised if these health-giving books quickly become a fixture on the kitchen counter. Bonus points if you gift these books with a bag of two of superfood ingredients like chia seeds, maca powder, or goji berries to get your recipient started.

Pick up a copy of Superfood Kitchen, Superfood Juices, Superfood Smoothies

The Art of Fermentation

Fermentation may be one of the oldest methods of preserving food, but today it’s more popular than ever for both health and flavor reasons. This book covers pretty much every fermented process under the sun in impressive detail.

Pick up a copy of The Art of Fermentation

Choosing Raw

The popular raw and whole food-focused website run by Gena Hamshaw finally has its own namesake book! Gena’s writing is impeccable – for those who love reading cookbooks as much as they do cooking from them, this book is a win-win.

Pick up a copy of Choosing Raw

The A.O.C Cookbook

I fully admit here to having a professional crush on chef Suzanne Goin, and this book gives good reason why: every recipe within reads like a masterful story. This woman is seriously gifted! I’ve enjoyed veganizing many of her recipes for my family, with great results.

Pick up a copy of The A.O.C Cookbook

The Science of Good Cooking

It’s been said that to break the rules, you first have to learn the rules. If you have an up-and-coming chef in your circle, this is an excellent book to help them explore the basics of cooking with extensively well-tested methodology.

Pick up a copy of The Science of Good Cooking

Yum Universe

This spunky manifesto to healthy living is more than a great cookbook; it’s a thorough guide to a healthier kitchen and lifestyle. Its fun-infused vibe makes it especially attractive to the younger crowd.

Pick up a copy of Yum Universe

Vegetarian Flavor Bible

Sure, this isn’t exactly a cookbook (there are no recipes), but the experimental type will appreciate the litany of new combination ideas for favorite produce items and ingredients. (Chickpeas and apricots? Cherries and lavender?)

Pick up a copy of Vegetarian Flavor Bible

The Forest Feast

I am such a sucker for a beautiful cookbook, and this book absolutely oozes creativity with its magical photography and whimsical drawings. Every page feels special.

Pick up a copy of The Forest Feast

Oh She Glows

Okay, so I don’t actually have this cookbook yet, but this is what’s on my wish list (hint)! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Angela Liddon’s bestselling book from both friends and professional influencers alike, and if it’s anything like her well-loved website, it’s rich with deliciously accessible plant-based recipes that consistently work beautifully.

Pick up a copy of Oh She Glows

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