Ouai, Ouai,we’d love a tour inside celeb stylist Jet Atkin’s new HQ, and we’re getting one, thanks to Consort Design duo, Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone. Consort is the design firm behind quite a few of the Hollywood spaces we’re loving lately, thanks to their cutting-edge, yet classic designs – think totally liveable, yet completely aspirational at the same time.

Consort Design has dreamed up living spaces for stylish celebs from Jessica Alba to Nina Dobrev and has influenced spaces as diverse as individual SoulCycle studios and Jay-Z concerts. Mat Sanders himself has been involved with digital design platforms from MyDomaine to Apartment Therapy and Domino Magazine (basically, all of our faves).

When one of the most sought after hair stylists here in L.A., Jen Atkin, needed to expand her space after the launch of instant phenomenon, Ouai Haircare, she asked the Consort team to build out this super-chic, cool and comfortable space we love. We’re guessing these gorgeous inspiration boards are built mostly of her work as seen in Vogue, Elle, WhoWhatWear, and everything in between. Grab a few of Mat and Brandon’s top tips for achieving the perfect office vibe effortlessly for your own workspace and pin these images to keep the inspo alive…

Stay Organized

A messy space leads to a messy mind. Desk organizers are great for staying organized and focused. We tend to opt for white, clear or brass trays and holders.

Add Greens

What better way to bring life into an office than with a living thing? That’s right, plants and fresh flowers really help to liven up a space. They’re also great for air quality and morale!

Pin Board Everything

Pin boards help everyone feel inspired and creative. The best part is you can easily switch up pics to personalize and motivate each person in the office!

White on White

Office furniture is typically bulky, so keeping it white with clean lines helps create a soothing and stimulating atmosphere in a small area.

Designated Areas

An aspect of home comfort, like a designated area with lounge furniture and pillows, is an easy way to encourage teams to meet for a casual brainstorm. It’s a lot more inviting than board rooms can be.

use natural light

Expose natural light whenever possible. Leave off the window coverings and paint the walls a light color to look bright and expansive.

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